Jamie’s Elsewhere // Paradise // EP Review


Having been away for the best part of a decade Jamie’s Elsewhere is back, harnessing their intensity, power and passion they are set to unleash their new EP on the 21st of July.

The first track up is “Escapist”, opening with a massive drum and guitar riff that runs through the track, Pauley’s vocals are amazing and his seamless switching between clean and screamed takes the track to another level, the distorted vocals that run underneath Pauley’s add a nice twist; a heavy track to get started. Title track “Paradise” takes the heaviness from the opener and intensifies it tenfold, a sinister vibe is amplified by Pauley’s savage vocals and the monster drum and bass beat from which the track is built off, adding in some grinding riffs and a little techno to give you a fantastic track, fast and heavy, what more do you need. A middle eastern style ditti opens “Avatar” before it jumps straight into chaos, Pauley’s screamed vocals paired with blistering drums and cutting riffs set this off big time, all this is tempered slightly when the chorus hits as Pauley changes back to clean singing and the cacophony of sound becomes a little more melodic, for me the change up between styles gives this track its edge. The unrelenting rhythm of “Poisoning Eden” is down to the cool mix of metalcore and techno, combining a pumping bass beat with down-tuned guitars and growling vocals really pushes this one over the top, a killer tune. The ep closes with “Separate Me” a little more uplifting than previous tracks; the chorus soar and are more musical while the vocals are predominantly clean, a nice finisher 

 Short but sweet “Paradise” is out on the 21st of July via Sharptone Records.


Review: Conor



1. Escapist 3:43
2. Paradise 2:51
3. Avatar 3:30
4. Poisoning Eden 4:15

5. Separate Me 3:05


Jamie’s Elsewhere are:

Aaron Pauley Lead Vocals

Matt Scarpelli Guitar

Chance Medeiros Bass

Mike Spearman Drums