IMPURE WILHELMINA Release New Music Video for Nebulæ


Release New Music Video for
Impure Wilhelmina – “Nebulæ” (Official Music Video) 2024
Geneva-based rockers IMPURE WILHELMINA are pleased to announced the release of their new music video for Nebulæ, out now and available for streaming on the Season of Mist YouTube channel. The single is part of the Dead Decades EP released in October of 2023 – an EP that featured post-metal covers of songs like Serge Gainsbourg’s La Javanaise and King Crimson’s Fallen Angel.

You can watch the official music video for Nebulae now over on the Season of Mist YouTube channel:

Dead Decades‘ was released October 6, 2023 on Season of Mist.



IMPURE WILHELMINA has been pushing the boundaries of rock and metal for the past 25 years, persistently refining their sound and creating their unique sonic blend of metal, post-hardcore, new wave and indie rock. Their skillful renditions of classic songs combined with their own creative takes demonstrated in their latest releases make them a band to watch out for.

IMPURE WILHELMINA will be touring Europe in late February this year, showcasing this latest EP. The following dates have been announced:

February 15 @ Schüür in Lucerne, CH
February 16 @ Helvete Metal Club in Oberhausen, DE
February 17 @ Club Zentral in Stuttgart, DE
February 19 @ Venster 99 in Vienna, AT
February 22 @ Bastard Club in Osnabruck, DE
February 23 @ Kinky Star in Ghent, BE
February 24 @ La Zone in Liege, DE

1. La Javanaise (3:29) [WATCH]
2. Fallen Angel (7:09) [LISTEN]
3. Plainsong (5:43)
4. Nebulæ (5:40) [WATCH]
5. Ignoramus (4:39)
Total runtime: 26:40

Style: Post-Metal / Post-Rock
FFO: Mouth of the Architect, Cult of Luna, Rosetta


For 25 years, Impure Wilhelmina has been shaping a singular music on the borders of rock and metal. The Geneva quartet has never been afraid to reinvent itself and to push back the stylistic barriers, without ever losing its strong identity. Intensity, melody, power and melancholy are the key words that guide the band’s discography, developing record after record a subtle blend of metal, post-hardcore, new wave and indie rock sounds.

Impure Wilhelmina has experienced many line-up changes over the years around Michael Schindl, singer-guitarist, main composer and lyricist. Founded in 1996, the group quickly built a reputation in the local, then Swiss and European independent scenes. The band has released a 7″, an EP, a split and seven full-length albums (see discography).

Impure Wilhelmina has regularly collaborated with sound engineers and producers Serge Morattel (I Can’t Believe I Was Born In July – 2001, L’Amour, La Mort, L’Enfance Perdue – 2004, Prayers And Arsons – 2008) and Raphaël Bovey (Black Honey – 2014, Radiation – 2017). These five albums illustrate the constant musical evolution of the band, which from a very dark and metal base gradually incorporates more rock elements. The clear vocals occupy an increasingly important place in the compositions, reinforcing the intensity and melodic depth.

In 2015, thanks to the great response to Black Honey, Impure Wilhelmina signed with the reference metal label Season of Mist, which published Radiation two years later in 2017. Skillfully navigating between melodies and dissonances, always at the service of raw emotion, this sixth album was unanimously acclaimed by the press and the public, opening the doors to wider recognition.

In 2019, the band received great reward by being one of the four recipients of the grants for contemporary music awarded by the City of Geneva. This support has enabled Impure Wilhelmina to start working on a new album with confidence and with the will to develop their sound and get out of their comfort zone. The band put a lot of efforts in the elaboration and production of its new songs, notably by calling on Yvan Bing, producer and sound engineer, to accompany the four musicians throughout the creation process. This successful collaboration began in the summer of 2019 and continued for over a year, giving rise to Impure Wilhelmina’s seventh album, Antidote. Released in may 2021, this album is a testament to the creativity and versatility of the band, which never ceases to explore new horizons without ever getting lost.

After two European tours in 2022 (with Crippled Black Phoenix and MØL, then Shores of Null), Impure Wilhelmina focused in 2023 on the vinyl reissue of their second album “I can’t believe I was born in July”, for its 20th anniversary, and the release of a new EP entitled “Dead Decades”, which features three covers and two previously unreleased tracks.

Michael Schindl: Vocals/Guitars
Diogo Almeida: Guitars
Sébastien Dutruel: Bass
Mario Togni: Drums

Recording Studio:
‘La Javanaise’, ‘Fallen Angel’ and ‘Plainsong’: Kitchen Studio, Geneva (CH)
‘Nebulæ’ and ‘Ignoramus’: HOFA Studio, Karlsdorf (DE)

Mix: Kitchen Studio / Yvan Bing
Master: Caduceus Studios / Ladislav Agabekov

Cover artwork: Mehdi Benkler (Photography) /

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