Grist Mil create a hazy, emotional swirl on midheaven EP out today

Grist Mil create a hazy, emotional swirl on midheaven EP out today

Photo Credit: Tan Halen

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WATCH: “How To Dissociate”

On their four song EP midheaven, out today, Grist Mil have created the perfect chill record to soundtrack the start of summer. Waves of haze and distortion move across guitars, crossing paths with bright synthesizers and emotionally packed lyrics. Fresh off shows supporting Balance and Composure and Oso Oso, fans of both bands will find appeal in the music of Grist Mil, also striking similarities to indie-elctronic acts like M83, and blips of shoegaze and more pop-forward elements. The EP is written in concept, following through the main character’s tumultuous journey.

Grist Mil’s Derrick Sherman expands:

“The EP begins with the main character asking ‘who’s gonna save him from himself’ as he openly laments about his drug use. You then follow this character through a depressive episode, meet some of his multi-personalities, watch him struggle through a break-up, and then find some resolve, although perhaps a bit worse for the wear, the character is stabilized and self aware. The musical intros and outros were meant to feel drug-like, or in a depressive state.”

First started in 2020 for his solo-output, Derrick Sherman (Sainthood Reps) joined forces with Nick Amalfitano (Family Dinner) to create midheaven. Across the four songs on the EP, the duo have taken their indie and alternative roots and built them into a shoegazey fever dream laced with electronic elements. The EP was recorded over two sessions, with Sherman performing vocals, guitar, and bass and Amalfitano on drums, synthesizer, and additional guitar work. Gary Cioni (Hot Mulligan, Free Throw) engineered and produced “When I Run” and “Shadow” at Sound Acres Studios, and Brett Romnes (I Am The Avalanche, The Movielife) engineered and produced “How to Dissociate “ and “Wearing You” at Barbershop Studios. Legendary producer Mike Sapone (The Front Bottoms, Oso Oso, Grouplove) mixed and added additional production to all four songs.

You can listen to midheaven here now and keep up with Grist Mil on Instagram.

midheaven Tracklist:

1. When I Run

2. How To Dissociate

3. Wearing You

4. Shadow