AD PATRES New studio album “Unbreathable” out today via Non Serviam Records


New studio album Unbreathable out today via Non Serviam Records

Today French death metal outfit AD PATRES release their new album Unbreathable” via Non Serviam Records.

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Main composer and guitar player Olivier Bousquet‘s clear vision shaped the album. Fostering a suffocating and claustrophobic atmosphere, Unbreathable seamlessly integrates new technical horizons with the band’s signature sound, resulting in a work of heightened accomplishment.

Unbreathable” is available as CD, vinyl and digital.

Unbreathable track listing reads as follows
1.       Intro
2.       The Dream Chaser
3.       Versus
4.       Deserter
5.       Exodus
6.       Interlude
7.       Chapter X
8.       The Medium
9.       Rebellion Grief
10.    Deus Deceptor

The stunning cover artwork was crafted by Yohan “Haash” Hühner.

Bordeaux-based AD PATRES were founded in 2008 and released their first EP 2 years later – featuring three intense and brutal tracks that drew inspiration from death metal giants like MORBID ANGEL and SUFFOCATION. The EP laid the foundation for their unique sound, blending classic death metal standards with modern influences.
After their first full-length offspring “Scorn Aesthetics” in 2012, the band quickly gained recognition for their brutal and uncompromising approach to death metal.
The band is known for a style that seamlessly oscillates between melodic elements and unbridled aggression. Rejecting a calculated approach, AD PATRES focuses on crafting music that resonates with their personal tastes, involves meticulous refinement, and undergo extensive rehearsal.
Describing their sound as clean, direct, and devoid of unnecessary frills, they aim for a music experience that is unequivocally “in your face”, as their latest effort “A Brief Introduction To Human Experiments” (2018) showcases.

Olivier Bousquet – Songwriting, Guitars
Sylvestre Alexandre – Guitars
Mathieu Larroudé – Bass
Axel Doussaud – Vocals
Alsvid – Drums

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