Go Ahead And Die // Unhealthy Mechanisms // Album Review


Now back with their sophomore album the death metal thrashers Go Ahead And Die return for a new lesson in violence.

Formed in 2020 by legendary musician Max Cavalera with his son Igor Amadeus Cavalera, together they created one of the best newest projects of that year. The release of the debut self-titled album was a smash hit & showcased the darker & heavier side of the Cavalera family’s sound.

Back with their follow up “Unhealthy Mechanisms” is an album that sees the band take the next step up and build upon the already great foundation to create a phenomenal second release.

With the help of new drummer Johnny Valles the band have recorded maybe the darkest & abrasive album of the year!

Opening with a blast of feedback “Desert Carnage” goes right for the jugular. Blast sections with open large grooves shows that fantastic Cavalera style of writing. This time around the vocal recording from both Max & Igor is darker, full of anguish & filled with more distortion which really adds to the intensity of the record. Valles’ drumming skills are seen right off the bat here with the opener. Double kick technique & constant superb blasting really helps G.A.A.D stay tight yet brutak.

“Split Scalp” starts like a relentless nightmare. Industrial style noise opens the track before the band smash in with full blasting. Still keeping a high level of creative rhythm even within the fast section. A heavy stomping groove goes through the track & also gives a little moment for a great little lead / solo to be ripped. This one is a slogger of a track with a great heartbeat like rhythm underneath.

Like a 4,000 tone freight train track “Tumors” gives your daily earworm with its opening heavy riff. Getting your attention right off the bat with this one. A slow bulldozer-like riff pulls you through this track. Soaked in filth & torment this track is a punisher.

Already only a few tracks in & my opinion on the band’s last album have been relieved. Where the group’s self-titled album felt like a collection of tracks rather than a flowing album, “Unhealthy Mechanisms” feels like a well through & cohesive album with themes that flow very well together & feeling like a true sonic journey, This album has it all.

In a moment of upbeat relief “Drug-O-Cop” gives you that more brighter track. Still soaked in distortion but this track feels more lively, A larger rocking track that features a great lead section & a Sabbath inspired spooky riff on the bridge makes this song stand out. The perfect bar brawl soundtrack is a belter.

A later track “Cyber Slavery” shows Cavalera’s knack for always experimenting. Merging death metal & grinding industrial elements to create an eerie & gut wrenching intro section. Followed by a really riffy, chugging track that’s an instant body mover. Giving you a nice break from the fast tracks this album might be on the slower more Godflesh like style but it’s still punishing & provoking.

Album closer & title track “Unhealthy Mechanisms” feels like the albums built to this. Still being an album to write a closer that’s even more punishing & chaotic then what came before is a hard feat. But G.A.A.D really has something here. The bastard child of speed thrash & early death metal this track is a over four minute showcase of how brilliant the father & son writing duo is. Building the track to its ultimate climax this track is a sensational way to close out the album.

G.A.A.D have really been able to follow up an already great debut album with something that is more expertly crafted, sonically more furious & all round punishing. This album is a really great highlight in Max’s recent projects & shows that Cavalera family will never show signs of slowing down!

Joseph Mitchell

Unhealthy Mechanisms is out via Nuclear Blast on October 20th, 2023

Line up:

Max Cavalera | Vocals, Guitar

Igor Amadeus Cavalera | Vocals, Guitar,Bass

Johnny Valles | Drums