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Gadgets Sons are releasing its debut album to a seriously unsuspecting public, for a two-piece outfit these guys will destroy anything in their path. Opening track “Blasted” gives you no warning whatsoever as it kicks you full force in the face with screaming vocals, thunderous drums and savage riffs, the power of the two lads makes it feel as if this is a full band, the infectious hooks and serious groove they have going on is immense and will appeal to both thrash and death metal merchants.

“Perrlka” is more of a death/black metal affair that is just relentless, grinding riffs and pounding drums drive the track with a frantic pace while Ireland slays on both the vocals and guitars, stunning. “”Witchery” is a killer tune, groovy as fuck while being unbelievably heavy, the power of Mofadi’s drums resonates throughout the track and provides an unshakeable foundation for Ireland’s killer guitar, both riff and solo wise, for my money the best track on the album. “You and I” give you pause for thought after what has come before with a nice melodic guitar instrumental allowing you to recoup before the madness resumes in the form of “Song One”, a hardcore/thrash crossover style track that will melt your face with vocals that switch up between screamed and a guttural death growl added to that a kicking drum beat and some monster riffage and you a beast of a track. A heavy funky riff and a hammering drum beat underpin “IWBY” giving it an infectious groove that blends nicely with the savagery of Ireland’s growling vocals. “Volcanic” closes the album in much the same manner as it opened, brute force, a face melter if ever there was one, an unrelenting force that just pummels and beats you down with a blistering attack of drums and guitar that underlines massively how powerful this duo are.

A cracking debut album

Review: Conor


Gadgets Sons are:

Charles Ian Ireland Vocals/Guitar

Phillip Eyad Mofadi Drums

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