G.N.L.S // Conspiracy of Thoughts // Album Review


G.N.L.S is the joining of forces of Wrath (Grab, Drunk Motherfuckers, Gin Lane and Dødsferd) and m. Sarvok (Sarvok) which came to being in 2019.

G.N.L.S stands for Geometric Nictation of Lament’s Space and was created to provide a platform for the two to be able to have an outlet for the voices in their heads around the decay of the world and humanity.

You may be aware that this is not the first time that the two have teamed up, you may have seen that Dødsferd is releasing an album collaborating with Sarvok on the same day as this release however this is certainly not a duplicate of that release and is a totally different sound.

Described as Antihuman, Anticosmic chaos, this is a step away from the melancholy depressive metal sound and contains a lot of atmospherics and tomes that the other releases do not. You feel like you are floating, lost in the abyss, hopeless and lonely with little chance of a positive ending.

Still having a Black Metal edge, the combination with who is one of the best underground atmosphere creators, Sarvok – Wraths vocals are as haunting and chilling as ever and as the 6 track release progresses you will be transported to a weightless and negative area that you have never even contemplated existed.

This is what it would feel like if you were in the worst nightmare of being in nothing. There is little to no help, but the extremes you feel as you listen to this 37-minute recording is only possible because of the brilliance that is the result of two stunningly raw underground artists coming together and unleashing those mental torments that we all feel but most of us don’t find an outlet for.

If you are a fan of atmospheric and bleak music, then go no further than Conspiracy of Thoughts as you won’t find anything as provoking and disturbing as this. Be prepared for things to start stirring inside you, many of which you won’t have a clue what it is and how to deal with it. However, if you are ok to feel uncomfortable and see just how low you can go, then this is as rewarding as you will experience.

Conspiracy of Thoughts will be released Friday, May 26th via Fucking your Creation Records.

Ed Ford






  1. An Open Wound to Heal the Wreckage of Humanity
  2. Flaming Treasures of Knowledge and Sin
    3. The Youth of Today, the Corpses of Tomorrow
    4. Vulnerable Secret
    5. The Frustrating Collapse of Soul and Body
    6. The Prosperity of an Incomplete Burden



Bandcamp Page: https://fycrecords.bandcamp.com/

Official YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC37nBG-pqk7wNl5RfApqvMQ