Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes // Dark Rainbow // Album Review


Where do I start with Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes? They are one of those bands that as soon as I heard them, I felt like they got me. They have always been there for me through the ups and downs, reflecting my feelings perfectly. I have lost my voice and shed many a drop of sweat down the front of the gigs and any of their records are never far away from my turntable.

Why have I shared this? Well, sometimes such a link to a band can hold high expectations and sometimes fears that new music won’t resonate as much. But this is Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, so fear not my lovelies.

Dark Rainbow is not like Sticky, Modern Ruin, in fact, it is unlike any of the previous releases, this is where we hear the vulnerable, raw and emotive version all on the same record. You will hear true every aspect of the trials and troubles that make this collection of artists truly special.

We experience the anger and frustrated version yet on tracks like ‘Sun Bright Golden Happening’ I am unsure whether you will get a more stripped-back version, with vocals and piano. There is nowhere to hide, but there is no need to have that self-preservation any longer.

Dark Rainbow is the closest thing we have experienced to what Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes want to produce rather than what they feel they need to, whether that be for us, them, or anyone else. This truest version is simply stunning, blending beauty with tragedy and just full of raw emotion and reflects that rollercoaster that is life.

One minute you will sing along with this album, and you will be holding the tears back – but before you know it, the riffs are back as Deano lets rip on the fretboard and you are bouncing around like Tigger as you will have done so many times.

The combination of sounds and styles is what we all experience everyday, yet here we a collection of songs that reflect that perfectly and give you the opportunity to let it out of hold it close – whichever you need at that time.

For me, this is the most accomplished work we have experience from Frank Carter and without that support from The Rattlesnakes, we may never have had the opportunity to share this with him, but yet again the songs manage to mirror those honest self-reflecting feelings and emotions. Thank you.

Dark Rainbow will be released Friday 26th January 2024 via International Death Cult.

Review: Ed Ford




  1. Honey
    2. Man of the Hour
    3. Can I Take You Home
    4. American Spirit
    5. Happier Days
    6. Brambles
    7. Queen of hearts
    8. Sun Bright Golden Happening
    9. Superstar
    10. Self love
    11. A Dark Rainbow