Eric Paslay // Even If It Breaks Your Barefoot Friday Night // Album Review


Grammy, ACM and CMA nominated country star Eric Paslay has decided to release songs that he has written and performed on but now he is performing them himself along with tracks that he has released himself previously.

The album opener ‘High Class’ was released by Paslay in 2015 and was a huge hit reaching the Top 40 in the Country charts.

This is followed up by Paslay performing ‘Barefoot Blue Jean Night’ which was released by Jake Owen and was a No.1 hit and was also named No.1 Song of the Decade by Country Aircheck as well as being 2x certified Platinum by the RIAA.

Third up is the slower ballad ‘The Driver’ which was released 2016 by Charles Kelley and featured Dierks Bentley and Paslay which was the Grammy nomination for Best Country DUO/Group performance.

We then speed things up a little with ‘Friday Night’ which fees like an anthem that you would sing along with at full volume on a nice warm summers evening. It has some real good feel good vibes. To be fair, the whole album has that feel good factor as you can feel that Paslay is having a lot of fun in his songs.

 The sound of Paslay’s country has a southern feel to it, and has a whole lot of depth and feeling, just listen to ‘Even If it Breaks your Heart’ which is a longer version than you may have hard before. The emotions that flow down your ear and grabs your heart are that of a high quality artist.

The 9 track album gets better with each listen and will have a tight grip on you as soon as you press play. You will sing, dance and maybe even get a little emotional with Paslay as the songs roll on through and it extremely easy to see why his sogs keep getting such high praise and recognition. They are songs that mean something and you can’t fake the feelings that come through the speakers. Anyone who doesn’t stop what they’re doing when ‘She Doesn’t Love You’ come on isn’t human!

 Even If It Breaks Your Barefoot Friday Night is a beautiful and stunning display of howreal music is made and how it makes the listener feel. Eric Paslay is a musical whisperer that will unlock your brain and let you free.

Ed Ford

 Even If It Breaks Your Barefoot Friday Night will be released Friday 15th April 2022 courtesy of Paso Fino Records




  1. High Class

(Eric Paslay, Jesse Frasure, Corey Crowder)

  1. Barefoot Blue Jean Night

(Eric Paslay, Dylan Altman, Terry Sawchuck)

  1. The Driver

(Eric Paslay, Charles Kelley, Abe Stoklasa)

  1. Friday Night

(Eric Paslay, Rob Crosby, Rose Falcon)

  1. Rewind

(Eric Paslay, Ashley Gorley, Chris DeStefano)

  1. Song About A Girl

(Eric Paslay, Jessi Alexander, Gordie Sampson)

  1. Even If It Breaks Your Heart

(Eric Paslay, Will Hoge)

  1. Angel Eyes

(Eric Paslay, Jeff Coplan, Eric Gunderson)

  1. She Don’t Love You

(Eric Paslay, Jennifer Wayne)