Epic Metal Heroes GATEKEEPER Release First Single, “Exiled King,” from Forthcoming Album

Epic Metal Heroes GATEKEEPER Release First Single, “Exiled King,” from Forthcoming Album
Vancouver (BC) – Canadian Epic/Melodic Heavy Metal heroes Gatekeeper will release From Western Shores – their first full-length album in five years – March 24, 2023 on Cruz Del Sur Music. The album’s first single, “Exiled King,” is available now on all digital platforms, including these below:
“Exiled King” is a special track, as it is one of the first songs co-written by Jeff Black and David Messier when the band reformed in Vancouver, British Columbia. It is extra-special because it features the current full lineup, including new vocalist Tyler “Tex” Anderson.
In the bands own words: “Join us on a journey from Byzantium to Yorkshire and everywhere in-between. ‘Exiled King’ follows the footsteps of Harald Hardrada, the last Viking king of Norway. You will march with us. You will row, you will raid, plunder, pillage and wage war with us. You will sail, you will discover and explore with us. And in the end, you will die with us; shields and spears in hand.”
From Western Shores is a captivating eight-song journey that redefines epic, melodic heavy metal!
Jeff Black relocated Gatekeeper from Edmonton, Alberta, to Vancouver in 2014. Black’s East Vancouver locale finds him 30 minutes away from beaches, mountains and incredible woodlands. He attests to Vancouver’s “boundless quality” that makes inspiration come easy — he is surrounded by nature, after all. But Vancouver’s enduring beauty has a double meaning for Black and Gatekeeper. It is here where their career took off, beginning with 2018’s heralded East of Sun full-length and the 2019 Grey Maiden EP, planting them firmly in the middle of the thriving underground melodic metal scene. It was only fitting, then, that their latest studio foray bears the title of From Western Shores as an homage to their home province.
Change has been afoot in the Gatekeeper camp since East of Sun. Guitarist Adam Bergen replaced Kenny Kroecher in 2019 and lead singer Tyler “Tex” Anderson supplanted Jean-Pierre Abboud in early 2022. (The band is rounded out by bassist David Messier and drummer Tommy Tro.) These moves strengthened Gatekeeper’s lineup and enabled Black to harness the talents of its newest members to pick up where the band left off with East of Sun. From Western Shores is populated with eight new razor-sharp songs in execution and production, thanks to the band cutting guitars, bass and vocals at Black’s Vancouver home studio. Drums were laid down at Little Red Sounds Studios in Westminster, British Columbia with Michael Kraushaar. And the highly in-demand Arthur Rizk (Cavalera Conspiracy, Kreator, Sonja) handled
mixing duties.
Anderson undertook the daunting task of writing most of the lyrics and melodies on From Western Shores. He delivers with sharp, passionate vocals that delve into topics like pulp fantasy, mythology and fantasy. “Exiled King” details Harald Hardrada, the last Viking king of Norway, while “From Western Shores” and “Keepers of the Gate” are autobiographical and dedicated to Gatekeeper’s devoted fanbase. Any way you slice it, Anderson’s charisma and vocal prowess should easily help Gatekeeper navigate the treacherous singer-switch terrain that has befallen far lesser bands.
Ultimately, From Western Shores doubles down on the elements that have made Gatekeeper an international standout. The heavy metal parts are more heavy metal; the epic parts are more epic and the sad parts — as Black carefully puts it — are “sad as fuck.” It reinforces the notion that Gatekeeper is a melting pot of styles unlike very few within the melodic metal scene.
Armed with a new singer and eight indomitable metal anthems, Gatekeeper storms into 2023 poised to continue to fly the Canadian metal flag with honor and pride. Best of all, From Western Shores proves that few can match Gatekeeper when it comes to epic heavy metal.
Pre-order From Western Shores:
Vinyl LP Coke Green (LMT 100):
Vinyl LP Swamp Green (LMT 200)
Vinyl LP Sea Blue (LMT 200)
Vinyl LP Black
Track Listing:
1. From Western Shores
2. Death on Black Wings
3. Shadow and Stone
4. Exiled King
5. Nomads
6. Twisted Towers
7. Desert Winds
8. Keepers of the Gate
Tyler “Tex” Anderson – Vocals
Jeff Black – Rhythm Guitar
Adam Bergen – Lead Guitar
David Messier – Bass
Tommy Tro – Drums