Oak, Ash & Thorn share “Light My Pyre” from forthcoming album Our Grief is Thus

Oak, Ash & Thorn share “Light My Pyre” from forthcoming album Our Grief is Thus

Denver based blackened Power Metal, melodeath, and d-beat infusing band featuring Harboured drummer Cierra White

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“I’ve absolutely fallen in love with their d-beat inflected, richly expressive take on death metal. This is nothing more than well made, thought out, and passionately performed metal that runs on the wild and epic sound we love here on Heavy Blog.” — Heavy Blog is Heavy

“D-beat infused blackened death metal…Their latest recorded triumph.” — Decibel Magazine

Denver quartet Oak, Ash & Thorn premiere the first single from their forthcoming full length, Our Grief is Thus today. Hear and share “Light My Pyre” via Bandcamp and all DSPs.

Watch and share the video for “Unchain the Wolf” culled from the band’s 2023 Eternal EP HERE.

Our Grief Is Thus is a monumental album, loosely constructed as a concept album with every song dealing thematically with grief from loss in some form. Album opener, “Dying Culture”, for example, is about the loss of tradition by way of urbanization and generational decline, “Light My Pyre” tackles betrayal and the dissolution of friendship, and “Auras” deals with the loss (and renewal) of honor and identity in the face of withering familial ties.

The album was recorded at the Blasting Room (founded by Black Flag/Descendents drummer Bill Stevenson) in Ft. Collins, CO in June-July of 2023, and marks the first time in Oak, Ash & Thorn’s history that the band walked out of a studio with an album fully representing their vision. The songs on Our Grief is Thus are tighter than on prior recordings, with the band reaching beyond their pagan death/black metal foundation to take novel influence from the galloping energy of crust punk, power metal’s soaring triumph, post-punk’s brooding dynamics, and the unconventional melodies of prog metal.

Vocalist/guitarist Adam Armstrong uses his clean tenor/baritone more than ever before, reinvigorating it with a newfound grit and power. Lead guitarist Jason Harding truly shines in his playing, and his unique melodic leads – including his first proper solo on “Ten Years on the Tundra” – have elevated the band’s songcraft to new levels. Bassist Erik Hoffman can be heard coming into his own with his distinct knack for both accentuation and lead-weighted groove, while drummer Cierra White, already notorious for her unstoppable kit-killing, has taken inspiration from gospel drummers, evident in her choppy fills and use of unorthodox patterns. Producer/recording engineer Colton Krohn and guest producer Taylor Hahn, meanwhile, were instrumental in the making of the album, as Armstrong notes, “they pulled the absolute best performances out of us, and their expertise and advice on arrangement were like nothing we’d ever had before.”

Oak, Ash & Thorn arose along the Colorado Rocky Mountain’s Front Range out of a collective passion for heavy metal and a shared pagan worldview. Their debut full-length, May Every Altar Linger from 2018, was a patented blend of dual clean vocals/death growls, anthemic riffing, and athletic drumming, inspired by the likes of Týr, In Flames, and Immortal. On 2021 follow-up EP To Gaze on Stars of Frost, the band refined their sound further by enlisting Fabian Jiru of Trollfest (Napalm Records) for production duties. In 2023, the band would work with Jiru once more on the Eternal EP, issued by new label Lost Future Records directly before an extended east coast tour with Brooklyn melodeath up-and-comers Solemn Vision. Previously, Oak, Ash & Thorn had shared stages with the likes of Cradle of Filth, Borknagar, Rotting Christ, Týr, Arkona, Metsatöll, and Kalmah, amongst many others.

Our Grief is Thus will be available on LP and digital on April 19, 2024 via Lost Future Records. Pre-orders are available HERE.

Artist: Oak, Ash & Thorn

Album: Our Grief is Thus

Record Label: Lost Future Records

Release Date: April 19, 2024

01. Dying Culture

02. Like The Sea, I Raged

03. Ten Years On The Tundra

04. Bury Deep My Tired Bones

05. Light My Pyre

06. Auras

07. Distant Mountains, Distant Gods

08. Unchain The Wolf

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