STRIGOI release first single ‘Bathed in A Black Sun’

Strigoi Announce ‘Bathed in A Black Sun’
Strigoi – “Bathed In A Black Sun” (Official Music Video) 2023
Strigoi were already plenty unsettling on their debut album. But the UK death-doom band’s follow-up pushed their grinding asphyxiations to such vile extremes, that it produced an abundance of putridity.

‘Bathed In A Black Sun’ includes four unreleased or exclusive songs from ‘Viscera’. Get re-acquainted with the pure, unadultered filth of the title track, which is slimed with sludge riffs and a crusty drum groove.

Watch the horrifying new video for “Bathed In A Black Sun”.

The ‘Bathed In A Black Sun’ EP comes out 3 November.


“We are pleased to finally do this, as ultimately ‘Bathed In A Black Sun’ as a track is lamentably all the more relevant today than it was when it was written”, says bassist Chris Casket. “We also wanted to release this EP as a companion to the album ‘VISCERA’, so finally all the tracks recorded during that studio session are available for all to ‘enjoy’ the extra cuts of raging spite and cold despair.”

Greg Mackintosh already had one side project from his main gig as the guitarist for Paradise Lost. But when Vallenfyre ran its course, he started Strigoi with bassist Chris Casket in hopes of dragging death and doom metal even further afield.

‘Bathed In A Black Sun’ proves that Strigori can mold nasty blackened death doom from anything – even their own remains.

Bathed in A Black Sun (4:19) [WATCH VIDEO]
2. The Grotesque (2:56)
3. Beautiful Stigmata (00:41)
4. A Spear of Perfect Grief (04:14)
5. The Construct of Misery (01:33)
Total runtime: 12:63

Style: Blackened death doom
FFO: Vallenfyre, Paradise Lost, Triptykon

When Paradise Lost guitarist Greg Mackintosh put to rest his Vallenfyre side project in 2018, he closed a difficult, but ultimately cathartic period in his life. Created as a tribute to his father John, who passed away in 2009, Vallenfyre originally served as a sounding board for Greg’s grief, but then delved into his nihilistic take on the world. Vallenfyre’s brief existence was intentional — the band always knew they could go no further than the three studio albums that bore their name.

A mere few days after Vallenfyre played its last live show in September 2018, Mackintosh announced the formation of a brand-new band with Vallenfyre bassist Chris Casket (Ex. Extreme Noise Terror), Strigoi. The English twosome released their debut album Abandon All Faith on 22nd November 2019 which was met by widespread critical acclaim and support. From this success, the band began preproduction to take the project live, recruiting to the line-up drummer Guido Zima (Ex Implore / The Secret) and live guitarist Sam Kelly-Wallace (Ex Vallenfyre) to begin spreading their foreboding gospel throughout the European festival circuit.

Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic that hit Spring 2020 Strigoi were unable to perform live as planned, and realising this situation was going to be a long-term constraint Greg and Chris decided to begin writing for a second album. This 18-month process culminated in Strigoi signing to Season Of Mist records, then heading to Orgone Studios UK to track 14 brand new songs under the watchful eye of award winning producer Jamie Gomez Arellano.

The bands line up, now set with the addition of guitarist Ben Ash (Satyricon / Ex. Carcass) completed the recording of the album ‘Viscera’ in October 2021, subsequently mixed by Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studios and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Studios. ‘Viscera’ represents the further evolution of Strigoi as a band, a concept fully realised as a statement of terror, malaise, and ultimately a record representing what Greg and Chris wanted to achieve from the band’s inception.

Their new ‘Bathed in Black Sun’ EP includes five unreleased songs from the recording sessions for ‘Viscera’. The title track is pure, unadulterated filth, slimed with sludge riffs and a crusty drum groove.

Recording Studio: Oregon Studios
Producer/Sound engineer: Jamie Gomez and Strigoi
Additional recording and production: Gregor Mackintosh at Black Planet Studios
Mixing studio/engineer: Kurt Ballou – Godcity Studios
Mastering studio/engineer: Brad Boatright – Audiosiege

Recording line-up:
Greg Mackintosh: Vocals and Guitar
Chris Casket: Bass
Guido Zima: Drums
Ben Ash: Guitar

Ross White – Guitar (Live)

Cover artwork: Brian Sheehan – Legerdemain Art


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Andy Farrow:

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