Stephen EvEns releases new track A Tree from forthcoming album Here Come the Lights

Stephen EvEns releases new track A Tree from the forthcoming album Here Come the Lights, self-produced at Brixton Hill Studios and mastered with Sean McGee (Abbey Road), to be released December 15 via Onomatopoeia (Hurtling, William D. Drake, Crayola Lectern)
As climate change reaches the top of the agenda, EvEns celebrates the most natural, life-giving resource that surrounds us, in this meditation on the environment and its preservation. This kaleidoscopic, psych-rock offering is accompanied by EvEns signature indie style and character vocals, in this exotic and improvisational left-field track.
The celebratory and joyful feel is highlighted through EvEns walks with his dog Rudy during lockdown, which reignites a natural longing, and appreciation of nature, and the importance of escaping the stresses and strains of the modern world.
Indie-rock troubadour Stephen EvEns packs up his deadpan humour and moves forward with a more optimistic and celebratory feel in new album Here Come The Lights. The first release, A Tree is psychedelic and joyful, with kaleidoscopic layers and celebratory as the new material steps into the future, with an optimistic and rich vision.
Multi-instrumentalist and talented musician Stephen EvEns tours with his own guitar and full band line-up. The album welcomes a whole host of Brixton Hill Studios collaborators, accompanied by former Echobelly/Curve bassist Debbie Smith, Cardiacs alumni Bob Leith and William D. Drake, and Hurtling guitarist and sometime My Bloody Valentine keyboard player Jenny Macro.
In this track, Stephen EvEns provides full vocals, we hear contributions from Debbie Smith on bass guitar, Jimi Scandal on lead, Crompton Wespp on drums, Josh Perl on Piano and Casiotone and Jen String Machine.