Endseeker // Global Worming // Album Review


The masters of German old-school death metal brutality Endseeker are back with their new album “Global Worming”.

Creating their own modern take on the HM2-soaked sound of Dismember & Entombed, Endseeker has really turned heads since the release of 2021’s “Mount Carcass”. Yet again joining forces with Metal Blade Records to release their newest offering with “Global Worming”.

The title track & opener opens like an assault on the senses. Starting at full speed & not relenting this track is a great showcase of Endseekers’ now perfectly curated sound. The chainsaw-like guitar sound, and Lenny’s aggressive & wide vocal style cloak the music in filth. Kummer’s pounding drum sounds hits you like a ton of bricks & doesn’t even apologise ha!

“Violence Is Gold” is an all-out sonic obliteration. A full-force-like attack, giving you only brief moments to breathe when Jury & Bens’s leads seep in nicely and add these great melodic elements which stops the band from being one dimensional. All building to an At The Gates style closing which ends the track with a really nice payoff.

At the album’s midpoint “Terror” brings a ton of groove to the listener. This one is a true anthem & is my favourite track on the album. Hinting of a slight “deathnroll” sound & using great vocal cadences this one is a proper fist pumper. Also featuring a really great soaring lead section at the tracks prebridge breakdown this one feels epic in nature!

Album closer “Nemesis” feels like the most experimental track on the album. Starting with a beautiful clean guitar section, that slowly builds as the whole band join, building up to this seminal moment before the track really unleashes. A nicer slower tempo thumper track this one is a nice & raw track that closes the album on a great high! A solid end to a truly brutal album.

“Global Worming” is a great successor to the band’s last output. They have been able to keep their sound tight & punishing but also creating moments that push their overarching sound ever evolving.  A fantastic example of how the OSDM sound should be harnessed.

Review: Joseph Mitchlell

Global Worming is out via Metal Blade Records on 27th October 2023

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Lenny – Vocals
Ben – Guitars
Jury – Guitars
Kummer – Drums
Eggert – Bass

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Vinyl Variants

Green/Black Marbled (700 copies)

180g Black
Clear Blackdust (300 copies)
Red/White Marbled with 7-Inch (Boxset – 500 copies)

Global Worming Tracklist:

Global Worming
Hell Is Here
Violence Is Gold
Wheel of Torture
Hanging Gardens
Our Only Life

Endseeker live dates 2023:

ENDSEEKER‘s “Global Worming” Tour with Decembre Noir
10/18      DE             Frankfurt                                   Nachtleben
10/19      DE             Nürnberg                                   Der Cult
10/20      DE             Mörlenbach                              Live Music Hall
10/21      DE             Würzburg                                  B-Hof
10/26      DE             Leipzig                                        Hellraiser
10/27      DE             Bochum Ruhr Congress       Turock Fest *not part of tour
10/28      DE             Hamburg                                   Bahnhof Pauli

Photo: Anabell Ganske