Electric Callboy // Tekkno // Album Review


Electric Callboy are a band that truly needs no introduction at this point in time. After the release of Hypa Hypa back in 2020 to reveal their newest vocalist Nico Sallach, the band has consistently released single after single and have garnered international fame thanks to their incredibly fun blend of Euro-Beat Techno and Metalcore. After changing their poorly aged name to Electric Callboy in March of 2022, the band are now here with their first full-length album since 2019, Tekkno.

Within moments of the opening track Pump It, I was already smiling as the blend of Techno and Metalcore met in the best gym anthem to come out of a metalcore act so far. The band’s take on a summer chart banger We Got the Moves is up second and it’s simply impossible to not dance along to. Track 3 is another single, Fuckboi, which features post-Hardcore 5-piece Conquer Divide and can only be described as A Day to Remember meets 2021 Pop-Punk.

Track 4, Spaceman is easily my favourite song of the year so far. Its utterly infectious blend of Eurobeat verses is completed by special guest Finch who effortlessly flows across the verses while EC steals the show with a great breakdown and a chorus I think will never leave my head. Moving on, we have Mindreader which blends DnB with chunky, groovy riff-filled verses and explosive choruses. Arrow Of Love follows the band’s usual format of Pop choruses and incredibly tight metal verses while Parasite goes back to the band’s Trancecore roots with their musical maturity to create something 2011 scene kids could only imagine. Tekkno Train is a perfect introduction to the band, with silly lyrics, and a great blend of Techno and Metalcore and shows truly how great EC are as musician’s thanks to how perfectly they blend two incredibly different genres.

Hurrikan is a parody of German Ballermann music that starts as an incredibly upbeat electronic dance number that quickly switches into a deathcore face Melter with incredible double kick, pig squeals and brutality that most Deathcore bands manage to miss hitting. Closing out the album is Neon which falls into the realm of Nu-Metal with its massive choruses that give Nico a moment to truly show off his vocal work with some mind-blowing clean vocals that send the album out on both a literal and metaphorical high note.

Electric Callboy has released something here that the majority of metal bands fail to, an album that not only showcases the sheer musical talent of the members and their songwriting abilities but an album that’s just so damn fun to listen to. From start to finish, I listened with a massive smile on my face to an album that is everything music should be. It doesn’t matter if you’re the most proficient musician on the planet if you can’t actually write a good song. Electric Callboy is, to me, the most entertaining band in metal right now and this album is a must-hear.


Review: Dan Stapleton


Tekkno Tracklist
1.    Pump It
2.    We Got The Moves
3.    Fuckboi (feat. Conquer Divide)
4.    Spaceman (feat. Finch)
5.    Mindreader
6.    Arrow Of Love
7.    Parasite
8.    Tekkno Train
9.    Hurrikan
10. Neon

Kevin – Vocals, Keyboard
Nico – Vocals
Daniel – Guitar
Pascal – Guitar
Daniel – Bass
David – Drums


Eskimo Callboy (EP) – 2010
Bury Me In Vegas – 2012
We Are The Mess – 2014
Crystals – 2015
The Scene – 2017
The Scene – Live in Cologne – 2018
Rehab – 2019
MMXX (EP) – 2020
MMXX – Hypa Hypa Edition – 2021
Pump It (Single) – 2021
TEKKNO – 2022