Djinn-Ghül – International Death-Metal Duo Share Entire New Album “Opulence”

Djinn-Ghül – International Death-Metal Duo Share Entire New Album “Opulence” 
Multinational industrialized death-metal unit Djinn-Ghül today share their entire third full-length album “Opulence”, a few days ahead of the release date, set for this Friday July 14th via Vicious Instinct Records. 

The entire album is now playing at Heavy Blog Is Heavy, who had this to say about the new release “Djinn-Ghül are definitely deeply enmeshed in that swamp, paddling a sort of twisted, cacophonous brand of industrial death-grind. That’s right; the riffs are fast, the drums are machine-gun bent, and the vocals plumb the depths of human disgust. But the atmosphere on heir newest release, Opulence, is of static noise and metal breaking under strain, of modern cities of glass collapsing into mires.”

Listen to “Opulence” here.

“Greed in its most nefarious form pollutes the broken society in which we are all trapped.” Comments the band.
“OPULENCE” is Djinn-Ghül’s auditory representation of this avarice, taking listeners on an odyssey to a realm where such evil has been driven to its fullest extent. Humans replaced with machines, the Earth rendered desolate by uninhibited corruption and filth, and spectral abnormalities are just some of the twisted artifacts found within our latest opus. These tracks were crafted during a time of great uncertainty, despair, and pain. These qualities are reflected and are captured by the band in the unrelenting nature of the tracks.”

If you missed it, watch the music video for the tittle track at this location.

This international duo formed by Grant Nachbur (Nephrectomy) and Junior Patiño (Voraraephilia) have been evolving and perfecting their sound with each consecutive release. Two albums and one EP later they have conjured their most chaotic, yet refined material to date. It surpasses all their previous work in both songwriting and technical execution and promises to leave you feeling unsettled. Chinese artist Guang Yang was again entrusted to craft the album artwork for “Opulence” and has captured the feeling of the release perfectly in his acrylic painting.

“Opulence” builds on their previous material while taking things to new levels of extremity, despite the band only having two members. Throughout these nine tracks, Djinn-Ghül flits between full-on death-metal brutality and jaw-dropping futuristic and mechanized sounds with impressive cohesion. Featuring vocal contributions from Jordan James of DisentombPhlegeton of WormedSara Crow and Alex Marr“Opulence” is set to be released on July 14th via Vicious Instinct Records and displays a dynamic slab of industrialized death metal with a crushing power that will debilitate as much as adrenalize you. Pre-orders are now available at this location.