Altar of Betelgeuze – Finnish Doom-Metal Merchants Share Entire New Album “Echoes”

Altar of Betelgeuze – Finnish Doom-Metal Merchants Share Entire New Album “Echoes” 

Helsinki’s doom-metal merchants Altar of Betelgeuze have just shared their entire third album “Echoes”, ahead of the release date set for this Friday, March 22nd on Wiseblood Records.

“Echoes” is now playing in full at Mystification Zine, who had this to day about the album “Whether you are a fan of traditional Finnish doom metal, modern sludged-up variants, or earlier death/doom metal which emphasized the trad doom riff ‘Echoes‘ has style and sub-genre bases covered in its very own way… but truly this album thrives within its memorable songcraft and the resonant feeling imbued into each lumbering riff. 

Listen to “Echoes” here.

The band comments about the new record: “Our third full-length “Echoes” is finally here! These seven songs feature Death and Doom Metal in the AOB style. “Conclusion” showcases the more atmospheric side of the album while songs like “Salvation” and “Embrace the Flames” offer a bit more variation in the sound. And the title track brings it all together with its huge riffs. We are definitely satisfied with the results and we hope you will enjoy “Echoes” as well! The CD version is available from Wise Blood Records and the digital version on our bandcamp site. Make sure to play it loud!

The band’s first material since their critically acclaimed second full-length “Among the Ruins” released by Transcending Obscurity in 2017, “Echoes” sees Altar of Betelgeuze further refining their tight blend of deathly doom and traditional doom, yet this time there’s a clear focus on more swampy and gloomy tones in detriment of the stoner-rock vibe explored on its predecessor. Pre-orders for CD version are now available here: whereas the digital copy can be obtained here:

Matias Nastolin – Vocals, Bass, Guitars
Juho Kareoja – Guitars
Aleksi Olkkola – DrumsCredits:
Drums recorded at Saarni Music & Lammaskallion Audio, in Tuusula,
by Markus Heinonen.
Guitars/Bass/Vocals recorded at Louhinta Studios, in Helsinki.
Mixed by Matias Nastolin & Juho Kareoja.
Mastered by Matias Nastolin.
Produced by Altar of Beltegeuze.
Artwork by Skaðvaldur.