Dischordia // Triptych // Album Review


Now when it comes to technical death metal a band can either win me over or go right over my head. Lucky Dischordia has what it takes to win me over & really impress me. Which is a big feat!

Coming from Oklahoma City USA Dischordia formed in 2010, creating a chaotic & dissonant style of technical death metal.

Unlike a slew of modern bands in the tech-death realm, Dischordia has still kept a very organic sound.

Their latest album “Triptych” may be a storm in a bottle but it still has a classic death metal raw sound which I think lends itself really well to the album. And I’m not surprised when finding out the band hired Colin Marston (Gorguts, Replicant) to mix & master the album.

“Minds of Dust” opens the album. And right from the first note, Dischordia showcases what precision & talent they have for writing complex song structures & timings.

But still, there are moments within the track that have a rhythmic bounce, then a quiet break to let the track breathe. This first track shows the band aren’t throwing everything at the wall & seeing what sticks. These guys know their shit.

A little later in the album “The Wheel” gave me strong Gorguts “vibes”. Still blazing fast but here the dissonant sections play really well together & and create a stand out track. A “simpler” track if there is such a thing but one of the strongest on the album.

“Panopticon” is where the band take a step back for a moment & shows some of their progressive sides in a clean guitar section of the song that shows the amazing technical talents of guitarists Keeno  & Josh Turner, Pure technical brilliance in these moments.

“Triptych” is a perfect balancing act of the chaotic & unhinged with the sheer technical ability newer tech bands lack.

The only criticism of the album is the runtime may feel a little long for the casual listener but luckily Dischordia is still brilliant enough songwriters to create easily digestible songs that are memorable after the first listen!

If like me, you like a more raw production when listening to tech death & love bands like Gorguts & Ulcerate then Dischordia are a band you must check out!

Joseph Mitchell

Triptych is out via Transcending Obscurity Records on 29th April 2022

Line up –
Bass, Flute, Vox, Percussion, & Wrenches by Josh Turner
Guitars, Vox, & Slam Ball by Keeno
Drums, Guitar, Piano, & Filing Cabinet by Josh Fallin

Mixed & Mastered by Colin Marston (GorgutsReplicant)

Artwork by Gianna Martucci-Fink

Track Listing :
1. Minds of Dust
2. Bodies of Ash
3. Spirits of Dirt
4. The Wheel
5. The Whip
6. The Carriage
7. Panopticon
8. Purifying Flame
9. Le Petite Mort

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