Defect Designer // Neanderthal // Album Review


When first receiving an album to review, I always read the promotional write u from the record label or PR firm and the first thing that grabbed me was the description of the individual roles from the band members.

Across the four band members, contributions include slapping, sliding and proofreading followed by plucking strings and occasional karaoke along with roaring and mouse clicking. These are not your usual descriptors for a Death Metal band, let alone one that states that they have added grind influences.

So how does a band from Norway that includes members of Diskord combine this humour with what is generally seen as a dark and dingy underground slog? Quite simply, Defect Designer clearly have a whole heap of fun whilst creating the music and that fun is transmitted through the speakers.

There is no denying that Death Metal is of a very high standard, it is quick brutal and with a massive slice of crustiness. The lack of structure keeps you on your toes throughout as the abrasive vocal scorches the instrumental, yet the guitar fights back with massive riffs that aren’t generally experienced in this arena.

The album may only span 18 minutes across 7 tracks, yet the whole thing feels like a deeply disturbed party that you just want to keep going. From the initial pressing of the play button through to the all-to-soon end, you will be conflicted between the normal face pulling that goes with Death Metal, Grind or Crust and you will have a huge smile on your face dancing around. The kind of reaction you usually get at a Brutal Death gig that plays some old cheesy pop music before a band comes on and everyone loses their mind.

So how do I sum up an album that is made of things that would usually conflict with each other, simple just let loose, enjoy the dirty and filthy sounds as the top-class music will wow you but also allow yourself to have a little dance and smile a little? Neanderthal is a reminder in an all too serious world that we need to do and listen to what we enjoy.

So, grab this press play and enjoy. I can guarantee you won’t regret it, in fact, the only thing that you will want more of, is this stunning music.

Ed Ford


Neanderthal will be released Friday 8th July 2022.




2. Wrinkles
3. Trolls
4. Luddites
5. Vlad
6. Pigsty
7. Time, Forward