De Profundis // The Corruption of Virtue // Album Review


The UK Deathmetaller known as De Profundis, have been creating crushing music for getting for 20 years and unlike some bands who have watered down their offerings as they progress through their career, this lots certainly don’t.

The follow-up to the 2018 release The Blinding Light of Faith continues that no-nonsense Death Metal sound that we know and love. The riffs will make you wince as they slash and slice chunks out of your skin the drums batter your skull and the abrasive vocal grates your ear canal. It’s absolutely glorious!

The Old School sound is one that is sometimes attempted to be replicated, but De Profundis have so much experience, it just comes naturally. There are some impressive Tech Death aspects to this album, the bass subtly providing some of that, but the other strings join in for some added fun.

The occasional melodic section provides some wonderous parallels to the devastation that the main sound creates but you also know not to be lulled into any false sense of security. If you do let your guard down, get ready for some punishment.

The 9 tracks span approximately 38 minutes and you will not want to skip any part of any track. Fans of Death Metal will be engrossed from start to finish and reaching for the repeat button to ensure that no time is wasted between the end of the album and restarting it.

There is something very special about album like The Corruption of Virtue as there is nowhere to hide. It is a straight up slab of brutality with no unnecessary fancy bits and therefore you can truly appreciate just how great it is. The music aspect is amazing and the vocals are exactly what you want from a Death Metal band. Then, you put it all together and the result is stunning.

De Profundis have shown exactly why they have stood the test of time and in many ways are improving with experience. With The Corruption of Virtus they have created an album that every fan of Death Metal needs to experience. With an ever increasingly crowded genre, this band have stepped away and in front of everyone else with this blistering assault.

Ed Ford

The Corruption of Virtue will be released Friday 7th October 2022 via Transcending Obscurity Records.




  1. Ritual Cannibalism
    2. Sectarian Warfare
    3. Relentless March
    4. Weaponised Rape
    5. Embrace Dystopia
    6. Desecrating Innocence
    7. Religious Cancer
    8. Scapegoat
    9. The Sword Verses


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