Crypta // Shades Of Sorrow // Album Review

Since the band’s formation in 2019, Crypta has taken the death metal scene by storm. After leaving Nervosa, members Luana Dametto (Drums) and Fernanda Lira (Vocals / Bass) created Crypta, A tight unstoppable machine of Brazilian death metal.

The band’s first album “Echoes of the Soul” released in 2021 managed to create huge critical & fan responses. Even hitting the German Album Charts and debuting at #15 on both the US Hard Music Albums and Top New Artist Albums charts.

Now spearheaded with a new lineup featuring guitarists Tainá Bergamaschi and Jessica di Falchi the band unleash new material in the form of the new album “Shades of Sorrow”.

Let’s see if the band’s sophomore album follows up the mammoth that is “Echoes of the Soul”…

“The Aftermath” is a beautifully crafted yet unnerving piano intro to the album, setting up the album’s slightly classically & melodically inspired sound. The piano begins to swell before ringing out & blending nicely into the album’s first slab of death, “Dark Clouds”.

Fernanda Lira’s sonic growls hit you hard as the track explodes. Already by this brief preview, Liras vocals have gained a ton of strength since the band’s last album. As a whole, the band’s overall sound has ramped up.

The production on the album feels like it’s been very beefed up! The only thing that lacked for me on the band’s last album was the punch I felt it needed in the lower-end tone. But the band has really been able to sculpt a richer, thicker tone here.

A track like “Poisonous Apathy” showcases the band’s ability to blend genres seamlessly. A perfect mix of modern blackened death metal with classic 90’s death metal this track is a great little journey. Full of melody & jaw dropping guitar work from both Tainá Bergamaschi & Jessica di Falchi. A great element that really punches through also is Fernanda Lira’s bass tone. I love it when a signature bass tone can hit through an album mix & here it’s given its time to shine. A more piano, piercing tone rather than soaked in distortion gives the whole album a nice little undertone.

One of the leading singles “The Other Side of Anger” is a showcase of the progression the band have had since the last album. This track has an epic nature weaved through it. As the chorus builds the use of echoing lead riffs elevant the track to a grand scale. This track is a true hit.

Also the fact that vocalist Fernanda Lira’s vocal power has gained tremendous strength, her back & forth between styles seem perfectly & all hit on the same levels, where none feel lacklustre or full short. Here she’s commanding you with her strong & fierce presence.

On the second half of the album a track like “Trial of Traitors” stands out as one of the best Crypta tracks to date. A near five minute execution of great death metal. Featuring one of the band’s most punishing riffs that threads through the song nicely. Strong & solid blasting from drummer Luana Dametto, really this track is a showcase for her. The technical chops she has to blast constantly & also add great cymbal flashes in the verse sections really gives this track the brutality it deserves.

And on that note, one of the strongest elements to Crypta’s great sound on this album is the use of the lead work by both guitarists Jéssica &

Tainá. Sharing the leads through the album gives it nice textural elements which keeps every lead or solo section fresh & exciting.

As we reach the last few minutes of the album “Lord of Ruins” helps the album close in the most perfect way. Somehow leaving one the best & heaviest track to the end is a nice way to make sure the true full album listeners are rewarded. A mix of Morbid Angel & Behemoth, this track encompasses all the strength Crypta have gathered over the past few years. A headbanger that has great chorus moments that have you hypnotised before a soulful lead lulls you in before slamming chugging riff reprises.

“Shades of Sorrow” is a showcase that Crytpa isn’t just a one album wonder. They have been able to craft a well written & produced album. Improve on elements that could have held them back which have been able to now make them their strengths. Even with an album of thirteen tracks it flows perfectly & each track deserves its place on the album.

This album is a shining light in a scene full of carbon copies. Crypta have been able to birth a phenomenal breath of fresh air with this landmark of supreme death metal.

Shades of Sorrow is out via Napalm Records on the 4th August 2023

Review: Joseph Mitchell

Release Date: 04.08.2023

Photo Credit: Estevam Romera

Shades of Sorrow Tracklisting:
1    The Aftermath
2    Dark Clouds
3    Poisonous Apathy
4    The Outsider
5    Stronghold
6    The Other Side of Anger
7    The Limbo
8    Trial of Traitors
9    Lullaby for the Forsaken
10    Agents of Chaos
11    Lift the Blindfold
12    Lord of Ruins
13    The Closure

Shades of Sorrow will be available in the following formats:
Deluxe Wooden Box Set (incl. 1 CD Digisleeve, Pendant, Guitar Pick, Shaped Woven Patch, Flag) – ltd. to 500 copies worldwide
1 LP Gatefold SPLATTER RED YELLOW BLACK (incl. Slipmat) – ltd. to 500 copies worldwide
1 LP Gatefold SUN YELLOW – ltd. to 400 copies worldwide
Music Cassette (BLACK w/  Gold print) – ltd. to 200 copies worldwide
1 CD Digisleeve + T-Shirt bundle
1 CD Digisleeve
Digital Album

19.07.23 ES   Vitoria / Urban Rock Concept
20.07.23 ES – Valladolid / Porta Caeli Club
21.07.23 ES – Cangas Do Morrazo / Kanekas Metal Fest
22.07.23 PT – Almada / Club Cine Incrivel
23.07.23 ES – Madrid / Revilive
24.07.23 ES – Lleida / Cafe del Teatre
28.07.23 SI – Tolmin / Tolminator Metal Fest
30.07.23 IT – Padova / Padova / Metal Fest

Fernanda Lira – Bass, Vocals
Jéssica di Falchi – Guitar
Tainá Bergamaschi – Guitar
Luana Dametto – Drums

CRYPTA online:
Napalm Records