Consecration // Cinis // Album Review


The five piece Death Doom merchants from Norwich, England just dropped their third album, in perfect time for you to get more than familiar with it before their appearance at UK Deathfest in September.

The title is taken from the Latin meaning cold ashes and is often associated with death, extinguished love and burnt-out hate, so this might give you a little heads up of what to expect if you are unfamiliar with the band. Cinis is described as a “bleak world to explore and a shadowed dream..” so if you are looking for an uplifting pick me up, maybe don’t venture into the Consecration world just yet!

The album is 9 tracks spanning 58 minutes and the purposeful steady trudge begins immediately with low chugs being met by a filthy riff and a gloriously abrasive vocal that concludes the stunning sound of top-drawer Death Doom.

There is a massive weight that lands square on your shoulders when you press play and the intensity doesn’t let up for one second. In many ways the steady pace allows every note to pick its spot and pile on the misery. The guitars are both doom laden but also hypnotic and when you are under that trance all hope fades.

As the album progresses we have a guest appearance from Dave Ingram of Benediction and ex Bolt Thrower as he lends his vocals to ‘Ground To Ashes (A Cremulation) and this helps take the track to another level, not that it would struggle without his inclusion.

The pure gutter filth that washes down your ear is something to behold and lays the foundation for the rest of the steady torturous presentation to build on and the result is outstanding.

Cinis is a Death Doom album for the ages. It will impress the hardiest of fans and wow the new. Lowering the gloom like so few others, Consecration have created something that you genuinely feel and not just hear. From start to finish, the horrors that are imagined from the album title are nothing compared too he audible output created and really needs to be heard.

So yes, it might be sunny outside as we enter summer, but Cinis will bring that temperature right down and the sun will fade as the Doom mongers bring a stunner to the world.

Ed Ford


Cinis was released Friday 17th June 2022 via Redefining Darkness Records.




1 – The Dweller In The Tumulus

2 – Ground To Ashes (A Cremulation)

3 – Embrace Of Perpetual Mourning

4 – A Dying Wish

5 – These Fleeting Memories

6 – The Charnel House

7 – A Sentient Haunting

8 – Unto The Earth Bethralled

9 – In Loving Abandonment


Daniel Bollans – Vocals
Shane Amies – Bass
Liam Houseago – Lead, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars
Andy Matthews – Lead, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars
Jorge Figueiredo – Drums and Percussion