Strangle Wire // Shaped By Human Frailty // Album Review

Photo By Mark McGrogan // Rock ‘N’ Load

Residing from Belfast (County Antrim) Strangle Wire is one of the hot newer bands from Ireland. Even though the members of Strangle Wire have been part of some of the best underground bands in the past 10 years or so, Strangle Wire seems to be the perfect final form for the group.

Created in 2017 by Pete – Vocals, Daff – Bass, John – Drums & Ross – Guitar. Strangle Wire have pathed a niche in the death metal realm. A darker tone & sometimes haunting, making the band stand out from the rest.

In 2018 the band’s first effort “The Dark Triad EP” was released via Grindscene Records (one of the best long-running UK death metal labels might I add!).

An exciting new glimpse into the sound the band were forging.

Part Deicide & Bolt Thrower with the dark elements of Immolation & Benediction.

Now in 2020, we see the release of the band’s first full-length, “Shaped By Human Frailty” see the band take their sound to the next level & become an even tighter & unrelenting machine.

“Heavily Medicated” opens up with a barrage of blast beats & chugging in syncopated rhythm. Before Petes, vocals blast through.

The first thing you can note about Pete’s vocals is how unbelievable they are.

In a rare case Petes, higher & lower vocal ranges are superb & like Glen Benton’s or George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher’s he is a much-added texture to the album.

“Judas Switch” opens with a Bolt Thrower in vein riff before the track opens up into a thrashing delight with a beautiful but ghostly melody weaved within it. A badass heavy breakdown section comes in at the halfway point which switches up the track nicely!

The title track “Shaped by Human Frailty” is one of the most epic tracks on the album. The guitar riffing & songwriting by Ross here is top-notch, also in tandem John’s drumming on this track is different. Adding splashes of colour with drum fills & tom work brings this track into the worthy title track status.

It may be the most sonically melodic track with a towering lead section on the later half of the track. A powerful track that shows Strangle Wire isn’t just one-dimensional.

Seeing out the album is “Horrors Beneath”. The longest track on the album & most brooding. Even adding a slight twinge of blackened death metal this track is a great closer.

Just like the rest of the album this track is consistent & has some of the most diverse riffing within it.

It’s great when a band can still surprise you & keep you engaged from the start & all the way until the end.

Strangle Wire is something quite special. Showing that it isn’t just brutality that makes a death metal band great. They show that melody, dynamics & great songwriting can create a heavy ass & memorable album!

This is by far one of the best debut albums of 2020 and I can’t wait to hear where the band go creatively after this!

Joseph Mitchell

Shaped By Human Frailty Is Out Via Grindscene Records On September 30th 2022

Track Listing:

Heavily Medicated
Learned Wretchedness
Judas Switch
The Human Tensile Experiment
Shaped by Human Frailty
Dead Before the Still
Psychology of the Sick
Horrors Beneath


Pete – Vocals

Daff – Bass

John – Drums

Ross – Guitar

Band Photo: Mark ‘N’ Load Yeeeeoo!

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