Chez Kane returns with her sophomore album eighteen months after her incredibly successful self-titled album was released. Kane, aided by Crazy Lixx’s Danny Rexon once more set the controls for a healthy injection of 80’s inspired hair metal and AOR.

            A keyboard intro launches us into `I Just Want You’, the guitars build as does Kane’s sustain-filled vocal ahead of an epic chorus in a song that could have could straight from a Starship or Heart album. We get a bit rockier with `(The Things We Do) When we’re Young In Love’. This a summertime feel-good romp that reels you in and makes you smile with its catchy melodies and hook lines.

            If Def Leppard had a Female vocalist, then `Rock You Up’ would most likely be the result. Commercial rhythms and sugary sweet background vocals urge you to groove to this track. An air of sophistication is brought in as a mix of brass sections and twinkly keys kick off `Love Gone Wild’. Watch out for the spectacular sax solo mid-song.

            Kane and Rexon set their sights on Jim Steinman’s crown as a piano-led opening to `Children Of Tomorrow Gone’ charts a course into an expansive soundscape that sees Ms. Kane’s vocal reign supreme. Move over Bonnie Tyler you’ve been Kane’d into submission! If there’s one song here that carries all the traits of a Crazy Lixx song, it’s the title track, `Powerzone’. Belting riffs and melodies galore, another five-star vocal performance, and a great guitar solo make this track a sure-fire winner.

            We take a change of pace and journey to a dirtier, almost sleazy avenue where `I’m Ready (For Your Love)’ resides. The song is brimming full of attitude but still holds a thread of pizzazz. Getting further back to the roots of the Chez Kane sound, `Nationwide’ (no not the building society!) is back to basics with driven guitars and keys paving the way for a meaty, Kane trademark rocker.

            Every eighties album had a ballad and this one follows in that tradition with `Streets Of Gold’. The slower tempo here allows Kane’s voice to breathe and lay down a very emotional vocal. The other thing that rock acts of the eighties did was steer away from the three-minute commercial formula and extend track times somewhat. The next song, `Guilty Of Love’ clocks in at eight minutes eleven seconds and is effectively split in two. The first half which is very Journeyesque, blends melodies from the keyboards and guitars whilst Kane’s vocal explores all of her extensive vocal range with touches of Lee Aaron grit and Ann Wilson’s purity showing through. The second half is purely instrumental and allows Rexon to flex his stupendous composing skills as well as his mastery of instruments. Unlike many of these kinds of tracks though, they keep interested throughout and leave the listener marveling at the skill on show here.

            With Danny Rexon’s songwriting skills, Chez Kane has grown since her debut. Her voice has more color here and explores new territory. We may have lost one queen this year, but this release confirms that Chez Kane is a rock queen who will continue to gain loyal subjects with `Powerzone’.


Powerzone is out now courtesy of Frontiers Music 

Paul Sabin



“Powerzone” Tracklisting:

I Just Want You
(The Things We Do) When We’re Young In Love
Rock You Up
Love Gone Wild
Children Of Tomorrow Gone
I’m Ready (For Your Love)
Streets Of Gold
Guilty Of Love

– CD (Jewel Case)
BARCODE: 8024391126226
BOX LOT: 25x

2LP (180g Gatefold, color Gold)
BARCODE: 8024391126271
BOX LOT: 20x

Chez Kane – Vocals
Danny Rexon – All Instrumentation

Additional Musicians:
Jesse Molloy – Saxophone

Produced By: Danny Rexon
Recorded By: Danny Rexon & Harry Scott Elliott
Mixed By: Danny Rexon

Mastered By: Erik Mårtensson @ Mass Destruction Production

Executive Producer / A&R: Serafino Perugino

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