Blood Runs Cold (members of Koyo, Sanction) release debut, self-titled EP out now on DAZE

Blood Runs Cold (members of Koyo, Sanction) release debut, self-titled EP out now on DAZE

Photo Credit: Steve Levy

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Long Island, NY, metallic hardcore band Blood Runs Cold have released their debut EP, Blood Runs Cold, out on DAZE. Channeling bands like Buried Alive and All Out War, huge riffs, stomping breakdowns, and gnarly tones encompass the record. The lyrics document feelings of loneliness, resentment, and mortality. “White Noise” is a total rager that sounds straight off a Trustkill compilation, while “Kill Yourself” is the epitome of modern mosh metal. Closer “Mercy (Put Me Down)” ends with an absolutely intense, chuggy breakdown that showcases the band’s musical skill set. There’s a fiery aggression throughout the whole EP that will encourage anyone to get moving if they have the chance at one of the rare shows the band plays. The next opportunity being October 1st at the DAZE / Triple B Records / Streets Of Hate showcase.

Formed by brothers, guitarist Evan Perino (Separated, Missing Link) and drummer Dillon Perino (Sanction, The Fight), the two set out with vocalist Joey Chiaramonte (Koyo, Typecaste) to produce a sound that was heavier than what was currently happening in their local scene. Rounded out by guitarist Mike Marino (Sanction) and bassist Kyle Mulligan, the band took their time in the studio crafting the six heavy-hitting songs on the EP.

Blood Runs Cold was recorded and mixed by Evan Perino at Shellshock Audio and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audioseige. The EP is available now on vinyl via DAZE and digital on Bandcamp.

Artwork by Dom Pabon

Blood Runs Cold Tracklist:

1. B.R.C.

2. White Noise

3. Residuals

4. Kill Yourself

5. Fated

6. Mercy (Put Me Down)

Upcoming Shows:

10/1 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Monarch @ DAZE/BBB/SOH showcase