Barbaric Horde // Barbaric Hammer Fist // Album Review


If you were ever curious about what the sound of apocalyptic armageddon would sound like.. I give you Barbaric Horde.

Hailing from Portugal (Lisbon) & relatively new to the black metal scene since forming in 2016.

After releasing 2 groundbreaking demos & the band’s first full length in 2020 “Axe of Superior Savagery” saw the band join the long-standing & triumphant Godz ov War Productions.

Now with “Barbaric Hammer Fist” the band continue their campaign with nine tracks of unrelenting & blistering war metal that show the mighty from meek.

Opening in a militaristic drumming rhythm & hypnotic tremolo riffing “Havoc Kommand” is the kind of instrumental intro I can get behind. Something different yet still punishing. Gives the listener a glimpse into the different route the band take on

“Barbaric Hammer Fist”.

Right from the start “Iron Cavalry Assassins” has the perfect production for this genre.

Adding such a thick meaty slab of production. It’s raw, aggressive & brutal.

But on the other hand, all the instruments are still clear in the mix which a lot of bands fly over and forget about. This sound might not be for weak ears but it’s still clean, and precise & keeping that wall of sound Barbaric Horde has crafted.

Screams of war echo while “Savage Rituals Return” opens before the band unleashes the song.

A track like this shows why Barbaric Horde is a cut above the rest. Where most bands keep to one blasting rhythm, Barbaric Horde mixes it up through all tracks. Changing tempos & the feel of the track add very impressive dynamics to the whole album. Even a section leaning heavily on the bass makes this track really stand out on the album.

The album’s title track “Barbaric Hammer Fist” is just as brutal as its name. Like a ten-ton hammer, this track bludgeons you into dust. A more focused track of pure blasting & a “chorus” section that is headbanged inducing. Worthy of its name!

The final track “Repulsion Altar” closes the album the way the band started. Still 100% full steam ahead. Taking no prisoners & punishing.

Barbaric Horde is unwavering in their attack & pursuit.

“Barbaric Hammer Fist” is an example of when a band builds on the foundation of their influences & sound to create something fresh & special!

Review: Joseph Mitchell

Barbaric Hammer Fist is out via Godz Ov War Productions on June 10th 2022