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Friday, February 16th, 2024 – Contemporary alternative rock band from Los Angeles, A Doll’s House released their debut album Annum today on all digital outlets.
Produced by Brian Wheat (co-founder of the American rock band Tesla), the album is perhaps best described as “chill rock.” The band met Brian last year who listened to the songs and decided to take charge of the album himself – arranging, recording and mixing at his J Street Recorders studio in Sacramento, CA.
A Doll’s House “Annum” is a record I’m very proud to have been a part of. The musicianship and songwriting are top notch. I must say I had such a great time working with these guys. Looking forward to working with them again soon …
~ Brian Wheat (February 2024)
Contagious grooves and melodies coupled with true musicianship and honed harmonies, Annum is a refreshing contemporary rock album with pop appeal.  The title Annum (Latin for “year”) derives from the last four tracks of the album, which loosely chart the course of a year through the seasons, Steps to Summer, Witch’s Tree, Chimney, Wisteria.
The debut single released this past Fall, Hey, Wait is emblematic of the band’s “chill rock” sound, blending groove with sticky melody and true musicianship and was received well at Triple A radios being played over 1,000 times on terrestial radio. The follow up single  Over Easy was released 2 weeks ago and currently at Triple A radio. “‘In Over Easy’ a quieter, more acoustic verse gives way to a surprisingly rockin’ chorus as the lyrics present a new twist on the well-worn theme of a breakup. ” explains Dav Petrunich.
Click here to watch the lyric video for Hey, Wait                                         Click here to watch the lyric video for Over Easy
Track Listing:
1 – And Time
2 – Hey, Wait!
3 – Woven
4 – Change Your Mind
5 – Over Easy
6 – Woodwork
7 – Steps to Summer
8 – Witch’s Tree
9 – Chimney
10 – Wisteria (Bloom)
Produced, mixed and engineered by Brian Wheat
Mastered by Mike Fitz
All songs written by Dav Petrunich and Seth Rafkin
Some early media reviews are in ….
In the grand tapestry of alternative rock, where legends are born and dreams take flight, A Doll’s House stands as a beacon of hope, a testament to the enduring power of music to transcend the boundaries of time and space. With “Annum” they beckon us to join them on a journey through the depths of the human experience, where every note is a brushstroke upon the canvas of existence.
~ Jamsphere Magazine
A Doll’s House features a tremendous sense of verve on the potent alt-rock run of “Annum.” Infinitely catchy, they display an uncanny knack for hooks. The pieces embrace an inquisitive nature, incorporating elements from early 90s alt-rock to give them that extra hopefulness. Layers intersect to create this vast space, allowing the entire thing to unspool as one coherent whole. Word choice adds to the poetic power, for the verses flow flawlessly with the general vibe of the experience. A sense of peace emerges from their gentle explorations by bringing the listener along on this journey.
~ Skope Magazine
“Annum” is an album that keeps you listening from start to finish. Tracks such as “Hey, Wait” and “Steps To Summer” are perfect examples of the “chill rock” the band prides themselves on. Other tracks such as “Over Easy” deliver on the heavier rock sounds that fans are familiar with, but the combination of these aesthetics and how they flow from track to track is impressive and buttery smooth right until the end. 
~ Review Fix Magazine
New music can come from anywhere…even four middle-aged guys. Meet A Doll’s House.
In the late 80’s, two teenagers started writing songs in L.A. They started a band and played all the clubs, The Whiskey, The Roxy, The Troubadour, etc. They built a bit of a following and did well. But not well enough. Life took over and the party ended. They were barely 22.
Thirty years later, those same guys are in their 50s with careers, kids, mortgages — the whole deal. Bucking the odds, they set out to make an album. The gods smiled when they met Brian Wheat, a seasoned producer, perhaps best known as the bass player and co-founder of Tesla – a band that has charted multiple hits, sold millions of albums and is still going strong.
DAVID SANTOS – Vocals                                                                                
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