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US hard rockers Who On Earth have just dropped a new video for a song entitled ‘Set Me Free’ from their recently released debut album, ‘Blame’. The clip sees the quintet indulge their comical, fun-loving side, partnering with the production company 624 Productions for a sitcom-inspired romp featuring actors Bill Sorvino and Janet Greer. The video is being shown at the 12th annual Golden Door International Film Festival in Jersey City tomorrow (24th June), close to where the group are based.

Tom Baldinger of 624 Productions states: “We had a lot of fun shooting this video with the band and they were very open to our ideas. It’s always a great experience shooting music videos and especially for me; I grew up watching Van Halen, Poison and Metallica videos on MTV, so I tried to tap into that world a little bit by adding a little story around the song. We can’t wait to make another video with them.”

The band themselves add: “This video was a blast to make. We wanted to create a sitcom setting as the stage for a good ol’ fashioned domestic conflict – with the band standing by as spectators/extras! This song is all about the highs and lows of being in a relationship; from duking it out one minute to holding on to one another for dear life the next! Ain’t love grand!?”


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“Who On Earth claim they wanted to bring back old style heavy metal in their music, but I’d say they’ve invented a completely new one of their own 10/10”
“One of the best albums I have reviewed this year. If you like good Hard Rock you won’t be disappointed, trust me”
“I grew up with another hard rock band from New Jersey, who even had an album named after their home state, but they wouldn’t be able to hit anything anywhere near this good, relevant or fresh if you gave them a baseball bat. Who On Earth, on the other hand, just smashed their debut album for a home run and then some”

Who on earth are Who On Earth? Armed with a manifesto of picking up the torch for hard rock and heavy metal with true grit and gusto and no gimmicks, the band deliver a one-two punch of hard-hitting hooks and airtight instrumentation bolted down by pummelling grooves and piercing riffs. With virtuoso guitarist and producer Mike Orlando [Adrenaline Mob, Noturnall, Her Chariot Awaits] in their corner, they pay homage to rock’s past while also helping to usher in its future on their debut album, ‘Blame’, a record that came about as the answer to a question….

“We wanted to fill in the blank of ‘who on earth is going to bring back good rock and metal?’” explains bassist and band co-founder Pete Rizzi. “We grew up on the new wave of British heavy metal and classic rock. We went through grunge and other great genres of metal. We wanted to resurrect the melodies, hooks and guitar solos. We went back to our roots, albeit upgrading everything with a modern production.”

Having paid their dues via countless covers gigs, Rizzi and vocalist Coosh formed Who On Earth and hunkered down to write an original album. They invited Joe D’Aqui, the versatile drummer of thrash band Pierced, to join the fold prior to hitting the studio with none other than Orlando behind the board as producer, engineer and guest guitarist.

Nodding to everyone from Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Metallica to Rush, Alice In Chains and Tool, ‘Blame’ places storytelling in the spotlight. “Most of our songs are complete stories from start to finish. We’re talking about our lives,” notes Coosh, with Rizzi adding that “there is personal vulnerability in the lyrics, which are reflective and honest.” On a record packed with hard and heavy gems, Rizzi concludes: “we have just tried to write good songs. We have gone back to what we grew up on. It’s still valuable and relevant. It can’t die.”

Coosh – vocals
Pete Rizzi – bass
Joe D’Aqui – drums
Bruce Gatewood – guitar
Johnny James Barone – guitar
Mike Orlando – studio guitarist on ‘Blame’

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