Rising Los Angeles alt-indie rockers Bittersweethearts are back with their strongest song to date, the instantly catchy and uplifting single and video ‘Empty’. The enchanting front woman Zoe Infante sets the tone, “I was in a failing relationship that was so draining. People in life can have that effect on you and it’s hard to see it until you reach a breaking point. This song is about finally realizing that person was not good for me. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to that.”

Reflecting further, the alluring talented 4 piece includes Alyssa Robertson (guitar), Zach Andrews (bass), Daniel Jun (drums) who bear the shared belief, “Modern-day society holds an unrealistic view of women. A woman has to be a certain way when the guy isn’t pulling their weight, not being a good partner, while still having to believe everything is great with a smile on her face. Life and being with someone doesn’t work like that and sooner or later, something gives and you have to get out. That’s the moment that you can transform a situation for the better. As hard as it may seem in the moment, the reward of being free of toxicity is so with it.”

Evoking imagery of the hit 90’s film ‘Thelma and Louise’ in a 1950’s setting with a pop art gloss, the stunning video was produced by Vicente Cordero of Industrial Films (Nita Strauss, The Winery Dogs). “We really wanted to take the theme of out-dated and unrealistic expectations of women and put it on the screen, but in a fun way, that shows empowerment and inspires other women and young girls in that they don’t have to be walked over.” Shooting at a mid-century house in Palm Springs, the band all portray specific roles with Zach and Dan playing the antagonists; “It was fun to get into character and to play the ‘bad guys’ which helps to show the contrast and underlying conflict which people can be oblivious to. Don’t worry, we are not like that in real life!”

Embodying Tarantino-esque rock vibes, an air of Blondie mixing a cocktail with Mazzy Star in a back alley behind CBGB’s in Manhattan’s East Village and Shirley Manson, the band are swiftly gaining fans receiving emphatic receptions earlier this year on their European/UK tour. This was followed by tours in the US taking in a number of legendary venues in addition to having played Whisky A Go Go and The Viper Room on their local Californian coast; “Playing live is where it’s at for us and it’s a song that we love sharing with people, there’s a whole bunch of energy and people really buy into it.”

‘Empty’ is Bittersweethearts most exciting and vibrant piece of ear candy as yet with a taste that lingers and entices a craving for more.


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