Hard-grunge rockers Stone Angels release their pedal to the metal and fun Saturday cartoon vibed new video ‘Supercharged’ from their highly acclaimed new album ‘Up In Smoke’ which is available now on CD and vinyl direct from the band HERE. On the full tilt song, lead guitarist James Innes tells the story which is rooted in family history, “The name was originally inspired by my late Grandfather who used to professionally race supercharged MGs at events such as Goodwood & Brighton Speed Trials. In fact, that’s him on the cover art! The song evolved into a Friday night anthem of escaping the mundane working week and celebrating life on the weekend. With the main guitar riff sounding like a V8 roaring into top gear it has quickly become a fan favourite at shows.”

With the new album armed to the teeth with a flurry of sledgehammer riffs, colossal choruses and unabashed wailing solos, and in a departure from the norm, the collection of 9 hard-hitting songs will be released digitally track-by-track throughout 2024. Buying the album direct from the band is the way to hear the album first in its entirety as intended with Classic Rock magazine calling it “bone crunching, heavy rock goodness” and Powerplay being “really impressed by this album, 8/10.”

On the decision to release the album in physical form only for now, they explain, “In order for an artist to really have a chance to grow on streaming platforms they need to have a steady flow of new music to drip feed over several months to help maintain and grow audience engagement. On any given day around 120,000 songs are uploaded to Spotify, so within a month over 3 million songs have been released which means your music can become “old” in an instant.”

Setting the scene behind the album title, lead guitarist James tells the tale, “November 7 2019 at approximately midday, a fire broke out in my house while I was inside. The trauma of watching my home, my safe space be destroyed by the blaze sent me into a depressive spiral, especially as the pandemic quickly followed. It’s the closest that I have ever been to becoming an alcoholic as at times it felt like the only release I had.” Taking an adverse and crushing situation to rise up, “I took inspiration to write about the ordeal rather than bottle it up. ‘Up In Smoke’ was the most challenging song that I have written, but with the support of my wife, bandmates, family and friends I was able to heal. It was my way of making a silver lining to that smoke cloud.”

Swooping in from the vibrant cornucopia of the ever-expanding music scene in Brighton UK, the soaring 4 piece of Niall Kersey (vocals), James (guitar), Sam Sayers (bass) and Loz Ford (drums) worked with multi-platinum award-winning producer Mike Krompass (Steven Tyler, Everybody Loves An Outlaw, Smash Mouth), recording at his state-of-the-art studio Base Culture with mastering duties expertly handled by the legendary Tim Turan (Black Sabbath, Guns N’ Roses, Pearl Jam).

Having previously shared stages with Hot Milk, InMe, Skindred, South of Salem, the band pull inspiration from classic LA rock, Seattle’s iconic grunge and historic UK rock scenes forging a fresh take on the genres by creating their own cocktail of adrenaline fueled rock having been likened to such household names as Queens of The Stone Age and Soundgarden. With the aforementioned exciting new approach to releasing an album which bears plenty to please all rock fans, it will leave the listener clamouring for more. Current live show highlights to come sees them in what will be a triumphant return to Pride Rock Festival in their hometown, the fantastic Monsterfest in picturesque Inverness Scotland and with more shows to be announced, a flightful future is upon Stone Angels.


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