Truth Decayed // Faded Visions PT I // EP Review


South African thrashers Truth Decayed unleash their savage new EP “Faded Vision I” on the 8th of April, Part II to be released later in the year, a five-track marauding monster that absolutely bangs.

The title and opening track “Faded Visions” blows you away right from the off with a thumping drum and bass beat, cutting riffs and snarling death style growled vocals, a rip-roaring start. “Absolute War” is a relentless powerhouse that is packed with chugging riffs, pounding drums and some seriously impressive guitar work, with Ryno’s vocals snarling all over it, there are echoes of the mighty Slayer on the track which only adds to the listening pleasure. “The World I Know” roars into life with Ryno coming in over the drums, there is a nice groove to the song with staccato drums and a killer riff that slay big time, the tempo drops midway through as an amazing solo and some cool guitar work take over, backed up by a fat bassline, only to be dragged back to the maelstrom as the song closes out, a total banger.

Lead single “PTSD” is a full-on rager, pounding drums, sharp riffs and the meaty bass line will kick the living shit out of you as Ryno once again screams and growls his way through the track, heavy as hell, this beast of a track is without a doubt the standout track here. The EP closes with “The Witches’ Watch” a brilliant instrumental that is the polar opposite of anything that has come before, soft drumming meshes with some outstanding guitar play is simply stunning, for some reason I had thoughts of Pantera’s cover of “Planet Caravan” when i heard it at first as it is just a slow mellow meandering and a nice way to finish the EP. 

This will leave you drooling for “Faded Visions II” 


Faded Visions PT.1 Arrives this Friday, April 8th courtesy of Howling Rush Records

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1. Faded Visions
2. Absolute War
3. The World I Know
5. The Witches’ Watch


​We spoke with frontman Ryno Theron last night about the S.A. music scene and the new music – Check it out here:

Music & Lyrics by Ryno Theron and Warren Jones

Performed by Truth Decayed

Mixed, Mastered & Additional Drums by Kris Xenopoulos (Ormsby Guitars, Vulvodynia, Technopath & Xavleg)

Album Art by David Devo Oosthuizen

PR by Devographic Music Agency


Truth Decayed are:

Johan Maree Bass/ Vocals

Ryno Theron Guitar/Vocals

Warren Jones Guitar

Daniel Philogene Drums

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