Triple B Records issue Result Of Choice discography on limited vinyl

Triple B Records issue Result Of Choice discography on limited vinyl

Share unreleased track “World In My Hands”

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Active from 2017-2020, Florida band Result Of Choice left a mark with their bouncy and brazen blend of hardcore. Now the band teams up with Triple B Records to release their entire discography on vinyl for the first time on two limited colorways. The release includes the band’s 2017 EP, Through My Eyes, 2019’s Place of My Dreams, and “Greenwashed” from the America’s Hardcore Compilation, Volume 5. Result Of Choice also share previously unreleased track “World In My Hands,” driven by punchy riffs and lyrics about reclaiming your reality. You can stream it HERE and purchase the vinyl now through Triple B Records.

Result Of Choice will reunite for the final edition of America’s Hardcore Fest, performing on Friday, December 1st at The Middle East in Boston, MA alongside Big Contest, Demolition, Clear, and more. Tickets are sold out.

At its core, Result Of Choice’s line-up is Jules – vocals, Toli – guitar, Steven – bass, and Zack – drums, with a revolving door of collaborators who either filled in or were a part of the brief history of the band including Jessie Inman, Sasha Stroud, Sarah King, Daniel Fang, Carson Wilcox, Jeff Caffey, AC, and Flip.


1. Greenwashed

2. World In My Hands

3. Deceived

4. Strive

5. Result of Choice

6. Brunt of Time

7. Digital Age

8. Place of My Dreams

9. Intro-Perspective

10. Status Seeker

11. Through My Eyes

12. Face Value

13. Light In the Shadow

14. Effort (Beyond)

Upcoming Shows:

12/1 – Boston, MA – America’s Hardcore Fest @ The Middle East