Straight edge hardcore band Vantage Point release Against Myself LP on Triple B Records

Straight edge hardcore band Vantage Point release Against Myself on Triple B Records

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“Huge and anthemic”Stereogum

“The bass is chunky, the drums are punchy, and the guitars are crisp and sharp – all boxes ticked for the kind of live, high-energy and no-nonsense sound that an album like Against Myself always works best with.”Distorted Sound

“A mix of introspective lyrics and abrasive beats.”DIY Conspiracy

Massachusetts hardcore band Vantage Point have released their debut full-length, Against Myself, on Triple B Records. The straight edge band has created nine urgent songs focused on forgiving and accepting yourself. Vantage Point is a staple of the Boston hardcore scene and shares members with a number of acts including C4, Chaos Cross, and Final Gasp. Taking inspiration from bands like Inside Out, Turning Point, and Burn, the band play loud and direct, seamlessly able to move from hard, fast tracks to slow and anthemic songs. On Against Myself, Vantage Point have created an upfront album that takes a reflective look at one’s choices and how you steer your life.

Against Myself was recorded, mixed and mastered by Will Hirst (Restraining Order) at Gate 4 Studio in Springfield, MA. with vocals recorded by Matt Neville in Weymouth, MA. Vinyl is available through Triple B Records and the record can be streamed HERE.

Vantage Point is Russell Campot (vocals), Sean Rose (drums), Owen Viles (bass), Doug Ostroskey (guitar).

Album Artwork

Against Myself Tracklist:

1. Amends

2. The Ask

3. Slow To Fix A Feeling

4. Where It Ends II

5. I Force Me

6. A Reminder

7. Against Myself

8. Tired Of Looking Back

9. Swear

Upcoming Shows:

12/3 – Boston, MA @ America’s Hardcore Fest w/ Negative Approach, Slapshot