Boston hardcore band Move announce Black Radical Love LP out 8/11 on Triple B Records

Boston hardcore band Move announce Black Radical Love LP out 8/11 on Triple B Records

Drop two new singles “Imperialist Reign” + “Summer Trend”

Photo Credit: Olivia Slaughter

LISTEN:  “Imperialist Reign” + “Summer Trend”
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Boston hardcore band Move have announced Black Radical Love, their debut full-length album set for release on August 11th on Triple B Records.

“The songs are meant as a call to act, I want people to listen to these tracks and then move to better their conditions, I want people to move at our shows” exclaims vocalist Corey Charpentier.

“The record deals with our current position living underneath the US Imperialist state specifically a Black experience. The need for revolutionary change and the fact people are actively building a better future right now. It’s a tale of two records, Side A expresses our current frustrations and anger. Side B focuses on where we are going and the joy the journey brings us as we move towards a tomorrow where all people have their needs met to live their best lives.

The aesthetics are a continuation of Freedom Dreams (EP, released 2021) as these songs are additional entries in a music-based political journal that have continued to evolve along with my own political education. With riffs and visuals that make you stop and take a second to appreciate the art.”

Today, the band have shared two singles from Side A of the record,   “Imperialist Reign” and “Summer Trend,” centered around the exploitation and injustices Black people and marginalized people face in this country and beyond. “Imperialist Reign” jumps into an infectious riff right off the bat, as  Charpentier’s impassioned and direct vocal delivery ensures every lyric is connected with. For “Summer Trend” the band collaborated with vocalists Kayla Philips of Bleed The Pigs and River Elliot of Ballista to create an absolute fury of track. “Summer Trend, is self-explanatory it’s a call out of the treatment of Black lives as a trend during the summer of 2020 not only in the mainstream culture but in the subculture of hardcore.”

Both songs are available to listen to now on Bandcamp, YouTube, Spotify and elsewhere across streaming services.

Black Radical Love was recorded from February 2022 to September 2022, produced and mixed by Charlie Abend at Tower Farm Studios in Billerica, MA, with additional production by comfortabledude and Reg Manson, and mastered by Arthur Rizk. Guitarist Nick Hochmuth led the charge on creating the songs, demoing out the entire album during quarantine in 2021, and then working with the band collaboratively in the studio to achieve what is their proudest and most creative work yet. You’ll hear hardcore songs that are begging to be moved to in the pit, and also powerful moments of spoken word provided by friends and fellow artists. Move ensured the album was a community experience, not only featuring the aforementioned Philips and Elliot, but also Aaron Heard of Jesus Piece, Christine Cadette of Zulu, and Gjared Robinson AKA Balaram Shakti Das of Out Of Body.

Black Radical Love is available for preorder now through Triple B Records. Move will head to Europe for the first time for a tour with labelmates Initiate starting July 6th. On August 19th, the band will perform on day one of The Tribes Of Da Moon Festival alongside Burn, Soul Glo, Buggin, Kharma, Bleed The Pigs, Thirdface, and more.

On what Charpentier hopes listeners take away from Black Radical Love, he concludes:

“We want people to listen to these songs and become energized to act, to go and find out what organizations they can join, or create one of their own in their neighborhood, town, or city that is working towards the world we all dream of liberated and free from continuous state oppression. We want to compel people to get down at our shows, stage dive, pit, crawl on the floor, grab the mic from us and scream these lyrics right into our faces, and quite literally move!”

Move is Corey Charpentier (vocals), Nick Hochmuth (guitar), Andrew Crumby (guitar), Jake MacLean (bass), and Devon Austrie (drums).

Album Artwork by Mithsuca Berry

Black Radical Love Tracklist:

1. Double Death (ft: Aaron Heard)

2. Imperialist Reign

3. Statement: Lee Lee

4. Trojan Horse

5. Summer Trend (ft: Kayla Philips, River Elliott)

6. Ode to the Pit (ft: Gjared Robinson AKA Balaram Shakti Das)

7. Statement: Deja

8. For All Not One (ft: Christine Cadette)

9. Comrade

10. 1,000,000 Experiments

11. Ascent

12. Black Radical Love

Tour Dates:

w/ Initiate

July 6 – Amsterdam, NL @ OCCII

July 7 – Ieper, BE @ Ieper Festival

July 8 – Leeds, UK @ Boom

July 9 – London, UK @ New Cross Inn

July 10 – Newport, UK @ The Cab

July 11 – Brighton, UK @ Green Door Store

July 12 – Paris, FR @ Ess’pace

July 13 – Lyon, FR @ Rock ‘n Eat

July 14 – Zurich, CH @ Dynamo

July 15 – Karlsruhe, DE @ p8

July 16 – Berlin, DE @ My People Festival

August 19th – New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom – The Tribes Of Da Moon Festival w/ Burn, Soul Glo, Buggin, Kharma, Bleed The Pigs + more