Tribulation // Hamartia // EP Review


The Swedish Death Metallers known as Tribulation began in 2004 and immediately set themselves apart from the rest of the Swedish scene and this band continues to do exactly that.

In this period of time they have released five studio albums, the latest being Where Gloom Becomes Sound in 2020 and last year the band released Dhampir which was an 18-minute single that was split into three parts and was from the recording sessions for Where Gloom Become Sound.

Now the band are ready to look at heading back to the studio for a full-length offering and having a new guitarist in the form of Joseph Tholl, who has replaced Jonathan Hultén, the band has an extra spring in their step and they want to share it with us.

This EP is 4 tracks long and spans approximately 22 minutes and cutting to the chase, this is fantastic Black n Roll.

From the off, the tempo is high, the riffs are heavy and the vocal is that off some of a classic Black Metal band. The result is something that you want to tap your toes to as you invert your crucifix. Should music that would upset some be so much fun and put such a smile on your face?

This feeling continues as the tracks continue, the guitarwork is exquisite and provides the groove that the sound is built on. Even when the sound is that of something you would usually associate with horrendous and questionable content, you can’t help but be drawn into the rifftastic sound that just makes you want to move.

I imagine that the band had great fun making these tracks, it certainly sounds that way. As ‘Hemoclysm’ lands with a more sedate sound and certainly bringing the Blackened sound, you can’t help but feel a little sad that this is the last original track. This is due to the fourth offering being a cover of Blue Öyster Cult track ‘Vengence (The Path)’

Again, bringing the heavy riffs, it is a fitting way to end the EP and has a sound similar to that you may expect from Ghost.

The EP is a great way to get people excited for a new studio album and I just hope its not too far off. This is brilliant collection of 4 songs that will make you feel great, whilst satisfying your darker urges.

Hamartia will be released Friday 7th April 2023 via Century Media.

Ed Ford



  1. Hamartia
    02. Axis Mundi
    03. Hemoclysm
    04. Vengeance (The Path)


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