The Devil’s Trade releases new track “Clear Like the Wind”

The Devil’s Trade release new track “Clear Like the Wind”
Dark singer-songwriter act THE DEVIL’S TRADE is now releasing the third new track, taken from the upcoming album “Vidékek vannak idebenn” which will be released on July 14, 2023 via Season of Mist.

“Clear Like the Wind” is now streaming on YouTube HERE. The link may be freely spread throughout your channels.

Dávid Makó comments on the track: In the last three years, as most of us can likely relate, I experienced such lows where I found nothing but raw emptiness, the inability to create or to do anything other than just trying to exist. I started working on Clear Like The Wind during one of the short periods when I slowly got a little better and was able to find the need to grab the guitar and see what would happen. These moments were like a reset so it is not a surprise for me that this song reaches way back to the world of my first album “Those Miles We Walked Alone”.

Pre-orders are still available via the following link:

For ‘Vid​é​kek vannak idebenn’, Makó leaned heavier on electronic textures. You could hear the added impact on the album’s first single, which is shrouded in synths that shift like smoke over a mountain. But he also brought in his old friend and former bandmate  Gáspár Binder, whose dark and stormy drumming sets off the clanging explosions of the title track.

THE DEVIL’S TRADE recently announced the new tour, supporting the lengendary ALCEST. A full list of tour dates can be found down below.

The Devil’s Trade – “Clear Like the Wind” (official video) 2023
THE DEVIL’S TRADE previously revealed the cover artwork and further album details of ‘Vid​é​kek vannak idebenn’ which can be found below.
1. Felkelék én (3:17)
2. Flashing Through the Lack of Light (6:28) [WATCH]
3. Vidékek vannak idebenn (8:19) [LISTEN]
4. Clear Like the Wind (5:36) [WATCH]
5. Liminal (6:42)
6. Fordulj kedves lovam (6:27)
7. All Kings Must Fall (3:30)
8. Új hajnal már nem jő (4:44)
Total: 45:03
Photo by Chantik Photography
THE DEVIL’S TRADE tourdates:
29 Sep 23 Metz (FR) La Bam
30 Sep 23 Bruges (BE) Cactus Club
01 Oct 23 Hamburg (DE) Knust
03 Oct 23 Copenhagen (DK) Lille Vega
04 Oct 23 Oslo (NO) Parkteatret
05 Oct 23 Stockholm (SE) Fryshuset Klubben
07 Oct 23 Dresden (DE) Stromwerk
08 Oct 23 Poznan (PL) 2Progi
09 Oct 23 Wroclaw (PL) Stary Klasztor
10 Oct 23 Hannover (DE) Musikzentrum
11 Oct 23 Frankfurt (DE) Zoom
13 Oct 23 Nijmegen (NL) Soulcrusher
14 Oct 23 Lille (FR) L’aeronef
15 Oct 23 Manchester (UK) Academy 2
16 Oct 23 Bristol (UK) SWX
17 Oct 23 Brighton (UK) Concorde 2
19 Oct 23 Vauréal (FR) Le Forum
20 Oct 23 St. Nazaire (FR) Le Vip
21 Oct 23 Rouen (FR) Le 106
22 Oct 23 Savigny-le-temple (FR) L’empreinte

More dates:
08 Jul 23 Budapest (HU) Dürer Kert – open air / free entrance event


  1. occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.

“I was in the liminal space between past and present”

It is of no surprise liminal space is a key element in the next phase of The Devil’s Trade’s fourth album, ’Vidékek vannak idebenn’ (a title that loosely translates to ’There Are Landscapes Within’) as Dávid Makó, the man behind the moniker has indeed arrived to a threshold in his career, where the phase starting with his self-released debut ’Those Miles We Walked Alone’ ended after his latest album ’The Call of the Iron Peak’. The concept of liminal space itself is a not necessarily pleasant state of mind where you left behind your old life, but new doors haven’t exactly opened just yet.

As Makó states ’The process my first three records pieced together ended, that was no path for me to take anymore, but to take a step forward I had to make decisions I wasn’t inspired enough to make.’ – and from this frustrated, sort of paralyzed state of floating, a new incarnation of The Devil’s Trade was born and so was ‘Vidékek vannak idebenn’ along with it.

While still true to his solo artist roots, delivering gut-wrenching melodies of darkness and beauty on his own, Makó needed an expansion to his universe. With the addition of long-time friend and former bandmate Gáspár Binder on drums and a live keyboard player, he finally took the much needed step forward and ‘Vidékek vannak idebenn’ portrays the next sonic phase of The Devil’s Trade.

A soundtrack to the next phase of his life. A soundtrack to souls stuck in liminal space, hungry to adapt to new realities and to grow further, outside the boundaries which so often shackle them.

Style: Dark Doom Folk

Recording studio: Templom, Budapest Hungary
Producer: Makó Dávid
Mix/Master: Szabolcs Szűcs

Recording line-up:
Dávid Makó: vocals, guitars, keyboards, banjo
Gáspár Binder: drums

Dávid Makó: vocals, guitars, banjo
Gáspár Binder: drums
Gábor Tóth: keyboard

Cover artwork:
Bálint Benkő (Volume Of Voids)



Vinyl in various colours