THE ALGORITHM announces new album ‘Data Renaissance’, out 3rd June, new single ‘Multithreading’ out now via FiXT

THE ALGORITHM announces new album ‘Data Renaissance’, out 3rd June, new single ‘Multithreading‘ out now via FiXT

Listen to Multithreading here:

The Algorithm Announces A New Data Renaissance
Gives Fans A Glimpse Of What The Matrix 4 Should Have Sounded Like “If It Was Any Good”
Out Now Via FiXT

The Algorithm is set to bring about a new Data Renaissance with his fifth full album dropping June 3rd. Featuring hit singles like the glitched out “Cryptographic Memory” and the sinister atmosphere of “Object Resurrection” Data Renaissance is a definitive electronic album that also draws heavily from synthwave, cyberpunk, and metal influences. Filled with mind-melting compositions, distorted electronics, synths, and heavy guitars; each track on the album is a testament to The Algorithm‘s unmistakable ability to fuse multiple genres into a gritty electronic soundscape. If you ever needed an explanation as to why Metal Hammer awarded The Algorithm The Metal Hammer Golden Gods award for the best Underground band in 2013, this is it.

Dropping today with the pre-order is “Multithreading” a dive into an atmospheric synth-laden paradise. “Multithreading” delivers a mind warping composition packed with distorted electronics, and heavy rhythms, showing off The Algorithm‘s aptitude for intricate songwriting.

“Multithreading” is the closest I can get to what The Matrix 4 should have sounded like if it was any good,” states The Algorithm“It’s a soundscape full of computer logic and data flow and is a bit more ethereal than what I’m used to producing. It was a good opportunity to try something more atmospheric and I loved the process!

“Multithreading” is available now on all platforms from independent multi-genre label FiXT.

French producer, Rémi Gallego better known as The Algorithm claims to have had a happy normal childhood listening to Daft Punk and Iron Maiden while studying science and guitar. He played in a few metal bands, (Sons Of Chaos, Dying Breath, Floating Wood) but chose to focus his studies on networks and computer science. But music continued to be something he truly enjoyed and it wasn’t long before he began to combine music and computer sequencing in 2009 The Algorithm was born.

The Algorithm has played at multiple live shows across Europe, Australia, Japan, Nepal, Israel, and many others. He has also written music for the world’s biggest sports TV channel ESPN, video games like Super Mutant Alien Assault or Hacknet, produced a lot of remixes of bands like Born of Osiris, Igorrr or Daft Punk, and helped shape the production value of musicians and bands all around the world. He released his full-length albums Polymorphic Code in November 2012, and Octopus4 in June 2014.

In 2016 he joined Celldweller’s label FiXT and released his third full-length album Brute Force in April. This was followed by tours in Europe, Canada, and China as well as Festival shows at Graspop Metal Meeting, Brutal Assault, and many others.
End of 2016 and early 2017 Brute Force got two DLC expansions with the titles Brute Force: Overclock and Brute Force: Source Code.These EPs are an extension, another perspective on the Brute Force story.

Compiler Optimization Techniques originally released independently was re-released with FiXT in 2021.
In 2022, The Algorithm announced a new album titled Data Renaissance set to be released in early spring. His story continues…

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