Vomit The Soul Announces New Album; Drops Brand New Single & Music Video

Vomit The Soul

Announces New Album


Out June 7th Via Unique Leader Records

Drop New Single

“Annihilate The Infernal Army”

Watch Visualizer HERE | Listen HERE

Vomit The Soul

Friday, April 12th, 2024 – Italian death metal vanguards, Vomit The Soul have today announced their latest auditory onslaught in the shape of new album, ‘Massive Incineration’, which will be released worldwide on June 7th via Unique Leader Records. Marking this pivotal chapter in their relentless journey, the news of the album erupts with the release of lead single and video “Annihilate The Infernal Army” which can be streamed now HERE with the visualizer being available to watch on YouTube now HERE.

‘Massive Incineration’ is a behemoth of ten tracks that fuses brutal death metal with technical prowess and dark thematic storytelling. The album is a further step in Vomit The Soul’s sonic evolution – mature, refined, and seething with anger.

The band states, “‘Massive Incineration’ brings 10 punishing tracks of brutal death metal, maintaining the VTS style and groove that represents us. We took care to sew darkness and violence into every single detail, creating the most mature, technically refined and angry work we made so far. The album has got a new explosive mix and master, deliberately chosen to be similar to the characteristics of the sound we wanted.

“As a final bonus track, we have included a new entirely rearranged version of one of our classics, ‘Third’, that was featured on our first album. A gift for those who have been following us for years. The album concept was structured and linked closely to the atmosphere of the record. The sound naturally emerged during the writing of the songs, our apostles of evil (seen on our album covers since the time of ‘Apostles of Inexpression’) find themselves in the repugnant and blasphemous abyss of hell. Their purpose- to dominate the entire ‘Otherworld’, after having enticed the wandering souls in Cold.”

‘Massive Incineration’ is testament to Vomit The Soul’s relentless innovation and fierce dedication to their craft. With a sound steeped in darkness and violence, this album is set to be their most angry and ambitious work to date. A meticulously crafted descent into the macabre, soundtracked by exceptional technicality and unbridled brutality.

As the single “Annihilate The Infernal Army” rips through the veil between worlds with its accompanying video, fans old and new will be lured into the abyss of Vomit The Soul’s making.

Vomit The Soul

Massive Incineration

Track Listing

  1. Annihilate The Infernal Army
  2. Beg For Mercy
  3. Bloodtime
  4. Call To The Abyss
  5. Church Of Losers
  6. Endless Dark Solstice
  7. Mark of Blasphemy
  8. Massive Incineration
  9. Repulsive Shores Into Oblivion
  10. Third (2024 version)


Formed in 2000 by death metal aficionados Max, Ycio, and Denny, Vomit The Soul quickly moved from rehearsal tapes to live gigs and EP recordings, despite lineup changes. Their relentless drive led them to independently release their EP ‘Human Insanity’ in 2003 and gain traction with intense live performances across Italy. The pursuit of excellence took them offstage to refine their craft, resulting in their well-received debut album ‘Portraits Of Inhuman Abominations’ in 2005 under Comatose Music, which catapulted them into the international festival circuit, rubbing shoulders with global death metal giants.

Regrouping in 2021 with original members Max and Ycio, joined by new faces Stefano Rossi Ciucci and Davide Billia, the band’s evolution continued with the album ‘Cold’, their first with world renowned independent label, Unique Leader Records, which reasserted their dominance in the genre. The current lineup, including Andrea Pillitu and a role shift for Ciucci, entered MK2 Recording Studio in 2024 to create ‘Massive Incineration’. Mixed by Billia and mastered at Hertz Studios, this upcoming album promises to maintain the band’s signature slam brutality with a fresh sound, set for global release on June 7th by Unique Leader Records.

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