Tenille Townes // Train Track Worktapes // EP Review


Before I write a review, I try and do a little research about the artist to understand where they have come from and see where the inspiration comes from. Very rarely am I so impressed by what I read.

Having been nominated for Female Artist of the Year at the 2011 Canadian Country Music Awards, aged 17 following being inspired by Shania Twain aged 9. As if this isn’t impressive enough, the debut album Real was released in 2011 and raised over $1.9 Million for a homeless charity. That is as impressive as it gets.

However, we also have to visit the music and not just gush over the kind and generous nature of this impressive artist.

So, this 5 track EP was recorded on a charity train trip (hence the title) that raised benefits for the local food banks by playing 65 shows to crowds that bring donations to concerts.

 As soon as the EP begins, the warm feeling that comes with great Country music starts to work its magic and before you know it you are under the Canadian’s spell.

As the EP continues, we reach Landslide which is a cover track and my previous favourite version was the one by The Chicks, however, this has now overtaken that one. A heartfelt track that has been recorded with such tender care can’t help but stir emotion.

That doesn’t mean that the four original tracks lack that passion, but when you first listen to an EP or album, you latch on to covers that you know the original, however because the EP is so good you soon latch onto all five tracks on the offering.

Maybe the stripped-back and more raw way of recording tracks on a train and using general items to hand such as suitcases as instruments removed the temptation to complicate matters and the result is something simple but brilliant.

The way that Towers engages you is unlike so many others and the fact that you lose track of time as it plays through is something to behold.

This is my introduction to Tenille Towers, however, I have now got a number of already released material to catch up on and I will be following what comes in the future. This is stunning Country music, performed by a top artist that you cannot get enough of.


Ed Ford


Train Track Worktapes will be released Friday 21st April 2023 via Sony Music Nashville.





Home to Me

Pieces of My Heart


Coming Together




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