Swiss post-hardcore crew Leave The Ghosts Behind drop new single, “With You in The Dark”

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(Bern, SWITZERLAND – April 19th, 2024) Swiss outfit Leave The Ghosts Behind have unveiled a new single, “With You in The Dark”

Following on from debut effort, “Diamond Skin”, the latest track takes influence from across alternative rock and post-hardcore, displaying a deft balance of fresh and nostalgic, driving guitars and emotive lyricism intertwining at ease.

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Discussing the new single, lead vocalist Finn Graber explains: “”With You In The Dark” is straight up about being jealous. Nothing more, nothing less. I think most of us have experienced or even endured this nasty feeling, so much so that it turns into hate. Well, it‘s exactly that. While some might say this song is a bit cliché, I embraced the sentimentality.”

Graber continues: “This was the first song where I was really happy with the instrumental part of the demo and could imagine ourselves going into the recording process with it. This song was the first to include heavier drums and guitars, with the second half of the choruses feeling groovier and more aggressive than anything we had done in the past.”

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Leave The Ghosts Behind emerge from the heart of Bern, Switzerland, with a sound that blends the raw energy of hardcore punk with the melodic sensibilities of modern post-hardcore, nodding to band such as Being as an Ocean, Billy Talent and Rise Against.

“With You in The Dark” is the band’s darkest output to date, a weighty instrumentation with forceful grooves and fist-pumping tenacity. Nodding to the punk leanings of their original project, Apartment 99, the new iteration offers Leave The Ghosts Behind an opportunity to explore heavier influences, with a depth and atmosphere not present in their former work.

Despite the heavier tangent, Leave The Ghosts Behind’s trio of new and upcoming singles retain a stark accessibility, delving into myriad accessible themes such as jealousy, break-ups and toxic workplace environments, as the quartet’s grounded and relatable brand of modern alternative rock sees it’s genesis.

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Leave The Ghosts Behind is:
Finn Graber – Guitar, Vocals
Julian Tscharner – Bass
Kimmo Nacht – Drums
William Schnydrig – Lead Vocals, Guitar