Metallic hardcore band Contention drop new single “Ousted From Eden”

Metallic hardcore band Contention drop new single

“Ousted From Eden”

Artillery From Heaven LP out May 3rd on DAZE

Photo Credit: Chelsea Gryn

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Tampa, FL heavy hitters Contention are masters of a particularly devastating brand of straight edge hardcore. Their recently announced debut full-length, Artillery From Heaven, is a self described “apocalyptic straight edge album” set for release May 3rd on DAZE. Today, the band shares “Ousted From Eden,” the second single from the album. Wasting no time in pulverizing the listener with a wall of metallic hardcore fury, the song takes a somber tone lyrically – dealing with singer Cosmo’s sense of isolation and distaste at life in the big city.

Cosmo explains:

“‘Ousted From Eden’ is about my experience with big cities and the endless spread of civilization. I grew up on a small farm and didn’t visit any major cities until I was 17. When I finally did, I was horrified by the way city people lived. As a young redneck, I couldn’t comprehend the lack of quiet woods or the inescapable smell of piss even in the richest parts of town. No hate for city dwellers…but that life is just foreign to me.”

You can listen to “Ousted From Eden” HERE and preorder Artillery From Heaven through DAZE.

First formed in 2019, Contention released a three song promo that same year, and have gradually built their sound as a band ever since. 2021 saw the release of their first EP, Laying Waste to the Kingdom of Oblivion, followed by 2022’s Summer Offensive. As the band set out to create Artillery From Heaven, they headed in with a more focused and intense approach. Spending time over a span of months in the studio with John Howard at War House Studio (Casey Jones, Yashira) in Gainesville, FL, the various sessions led to a hard-hitting album built on survival. The band pulled influence from hardcore and death metal, citing bands like Foundation and Arkangel. Tracks like “In The Land Of Nod” and “Lobotomite Bliss” instill absolute chaos, tying into the records themes of apocalyptic anxieties.

Contention has played shows across North America and Europe, including sharing the stage with acts like Magnitude, Inclination, and Mourning. The band has an east coast run set for early May surrounding the Ephyra showcase in Connecticut, full dates below.

Contention is Cosmo – vocals, Josh – guitar, Bayly -guitar, D’angelo – bass, Lucas – Drums.

Artillery From Heaven Tracklist:

1. Contention

2. ICBM (Artillery From Heaven)

3. Ousted From Eden

4. Inflict My Will

5. Revenge Directive

6. Lobotomite Bliss

7. Faustian Machinations

8. Chasm

9. In The Land Of Nod

10. Nuclear Peace

Tour Dates:

Wednesday May 8 – Atlanta GA @ Ideal Sports Bar

Thursday May 9 – Roanoke VA @ Flying Panther Skate Shop

Friday May 10 – Philadelphia PA @ Lithuanian Club

Saturday May 11 – East Haven CT @ The Beeracks @ Ephyra Showcase

Sunday May 12 – Norfolk VA @ Chicho’s Backstage

Monday May 13 – Charlotte NC @ The Milestone Club