Swiss post-hardcore crew Leave The Ghosts Behind premiere debut single “Diamond Skin”

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(Bern, SWITZERLAND ) Swiss post-hardcore outfit Leave The Ghosts Behind emerge on the scene with their punchy and high-octane debut single, “Diamond Skin”.

The track carries an alluring juxtaposition of fresh and nostalgic, as the quartet explore the rigours of day-to-day life with their relatable storytelling.

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Discussing the new single, lead vocalist Finn Graber explains: “When I laid down the demo for “Diamond Skin”, I knew it would become an important moment for us, as it would trigger a change of style, from our previous pop-punk delivery. Sharing it with the band made me a bit nervous, but Will nailed the vocals, reassuring me that we were headed in the right direction.”

Graber continues: “I think the lyrics in this song are the most personal to me. They talk about being almost obsessed with someone, like being in love but not in a good way. In the end, everyone gets hurt.”

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Leave The Ghosts Behind emerge from the heart of Bern, Switzerland, with a sound that blends the raw energy of hardcore punk with the melodic sensibilities of modern post-hardcore, nodding to band such as: Being as an Ocean, Billy Talent and Rise Against.

Debut single “Diamond Skin” is infused with splashes of 00s alternative rock, to form a soundscape of pacey guitars, fist-pumping tenacity and a gripping vocal delivery, as the band explore themes of loss and heartbreak.

Indeed, Leave The Ghost Behind’s trio of upcoming singles delve into myriad accessible themes such as jealousy, break-ups and toxic workplace environments, as the Bern boys’ grounded and relatable brand of modern alternative rock sees it’s genesis.

As we navigate increasing global volatility and the ups and downs of life, Leave The Ghosts Behind want you to know that they’re right here with you.

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Leave The Ghosts Behind is:
Finn Graber – Guitar, Vocals
Julian Tscharner – Bass
Kimmo Nacht – Drums
William Schnydrig – Lead Vocals, Guitar