STONE NOMADS Debut ‘FIELDS OF DOOM’ Now On CD via Gravitoyd HM!

STONE NOMADS Debut ‘Fields Of Doom’ Now On CD via GRAVITOYD HM!

Raised in the Texas pasturelands created from ancient sludgeoned doom, STONE NOMADS was formed in 2021. The band has quickly forged a sound blending colossal riffs, dynamic groove, and all that is heavy.

In August 2022, STONE NOMADS released their debut album ‘Fields of Doom.‘ The band has recently signed on with the Austin, Texas label Gravitoyd Heavy Music for the debut’s release in CD and digital formats.

With their debut album accompanied by an official video for the single “Primitive Rituals,” come and experience an aural amalgamation of Doom, Southern Sludge, and all things Metal on a stoned-out trip with the new sons of Sabbath…

Fields Of Doom – Tracklist:

01. Fields of Doom
02. Fiery Sabbath
03. Primitive Rituals
04. Winds of Barren Lands
05. Soul Stealer
06. Dragon Time

With a highly respectable appearance at #8 on the Doom Charts for August 2022, here’s what they had to say about STONE NOMADS and their ‘Fields Of Doom’:

“Sludgy doom goodness is what you get with the debut album from Houston, Texas’ STONE NOMADS. Serious Sabbath worship in the best possible way coupled with sometimes gruff sometimes not vocals, Fields Of Doom lumbers across the Texas landscape wrecking everything in its path. Songs like Fiery Sabbath don’t just rip your head off; there is a catchiness to the six tracks that is many times missing when you have such a heavy, lumbering beast.” ~ Rich Piva

Grab your copy on digital or CD at:

Catch Stone Nomads live this Fall at one of these show dates:


Sep. 16th – Waco, TX @ Hubbard City Civic Ctr (w/ Warlung, Stone Machine Electric)
Oct. 1st – Austin, TX @ Kickbutt Coffee (w/ Direlands)
Oct. 14th – Houston, TX @ Acadia (w/ Hellfire, Direlands)
Nov. 12th – Austin, TX @ Independence Brewery
Dec. 16th – Houston, TX @ BFE Rock Club (w/ DIrelands, Saviorskin, Ol Hag

Stone Nomads – “Primitive Rituals” Official Music Video

Jude Sisk – Vocals & Bass
Jon Cosky – Vocals & Guitar
Dwayne Crosby – Drums

About Gravitoyd Heavy Music:

Born from the live music crowds of Austin, Texas, Gravitoyd started as a fierce supporter of the heavy music scene. Gravitoyd Presents is a frontline, battle-hardened, live music booking promoter for heavy bands from all over the world to perform in the Texas regional area. From local favorites to international touring acts, as well as several festivals over the past few years, Gravitoyd became known as a welcoming host for many underground bands traveling across the southern midwest.

Continuing the Gravitoyd evolution in 2022, he launched Gravitoyd Heavy Music, the label. Never one to slide quietly into orbit, GHM didn’t take trepidatious steps. Instead of launching with one or two close-to-home acts to try out their new spacesuit… Gravitoyd Heavy Music blasted full thrusters straight into the atmosphere with a smokestack roster of up-and-coming music acts.

Focusing on releasing music in digital and CD formats, starting with several rereleases and new music planned, the label roster is indeed HEAVY. They celebrated with a live showcase label launch in late March 2022,  including a six-band lineup of their first signings. Mix heavy psych to stoner rock, throw in some prog rock and heavy metal, and you have yourselves a diversified sound that makes for one hell of a party.

Gravitoyd Heavy Music is a growing family with acts coming from around the world, including the USA, Mexico, South America, and Europe. The most recent signings are SheevRealm Drifter, and now Stone Nomads. Have a listen to them all at…


Fort Worth, Texas
Doom Metal, Sludge, Stoner

Live dates:
Oct. 1st – Austin, TX @ Independence Brewing


Berlin, Germany
Progressive Stoner Metal