STAND ATLANTIC bite back on new single ‘WARZONE’

STAND ATLANTIC bite back on new single ‘WARZONE’

Australian rockers, Stand Atlantic, are back with new single ‘WARZONE’.

“I have been advised many times I shouldn’t respond to hate comments online, so i just wrote a song about it instead,” shares Bonnie Fraser. “I probably gotta work on this, but i think anyone who has experienced negative feedback that isn’t constructive or conducive for a respectful discussion, can understand the unrelenting strength it takes to not absolutely rinse someone who has put their hate online and directed it at you. This song is just a fantasy for myself and anyone else who wonders what the hell those people would actually do in real life if they would ever say it to your face. Which they wouldn’t because they’re cowards.”

Stand Atlantic - WARZ0NE [Lyric Video]

STAND ATLANTIC – ‘WARZONE’ (Official Lyric Video)

The release comes right on the heels of recent single, ‘SEX ON THE BEACH’, as well as Bonnie’s appearance on a revamped version of Linkin Park’s “Bleed It Out” with Mike Shinoda.

Stand Atlantic doesn’t care about your expectations or your narrative. They don’t want to tell a story. In fact, they didn’t want this bio to exist. The band released their third studio album f.e.a.r. (fuck everything and run) via Hopeless Records in 2022. After the album racked up ~80 Million streams across all major streaming services combined thanks to smash singles like “hair out,”deathwish” (ft. nothing, nowhere) and “pity party” (ft. Royal & the Serpent), the band has only continued their explosive success.