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SPKR welcomes renowned German old school death metal label Testimony Records to the family. Testimony is well known for its die-hard dedication to death metal and particularly old school bands. This course, which has been set by the label’s founder Dennis Wendig, will be continued under the guidance of new label manager Thomas Strater, who has already earned an excellent reputation in death metal circles through his long years of writing for Metal Hammer, Germany among other strong ties. He has also gained previous experience with label work at System Shock and with Morbid Records.

With its focus on physical products and an exciting death metal roster, Testimony is perfectly complementing the SPKR family of labels that already includes Prophecy ProductionsMagnetic Eye RecordsDependent RecordsKyrck Productions & Armour, and the book publishing company Index Verlag. SPKR will continue to provide the complete Testimony catalogue and the label will also release new albums and sign artists.

Dennis Wendig comments: “The time has come and with a heavy heart, I have decided to sell Testimony Records”, the label’s founder and previous owner announces. “From now on, great people with extensive experience will be in charge of the label’s fortunes. I sincerely thank all the bands and customers for the last 8 years. It was a great time – and you are amazing people. Please stay healthy and the way that you are. I sincerely wish you all the very best in the name of death metal!”

Martin Koller comments: “We are thrilled to welcome Testimony Records and Thomas Strater to our label family”, the SPKR founder writes. “Our thanks go to the label’s founder Dennis Wendig for his passion and work of love so far. Testimony will continue on the set death metal course as an independent entity, while SPKR will provide its business expertise, distribution network, and professional promotion and marketing. From now on, SPKR will be more deadly than ever. Welcome Thomas, and welcome Testimony!”

Thomas Strater writes: “Beyond any doubt, death metal was, is, and will be here to stay”, the new Testimony label manager declares. “Testimony Records has been built on a strong foundation and I’m stoked to work with the label and for exactly the kind of music that I love most dearly, death metal. Of course, I’m looking forward to continue what has already been begun and also to expand the label’s deadly horizon to wherever musical brutality reigns supreme.”

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Testimony Label Manager Thomas Strater by SPKR
When Dennis Wending founded Testimony Records in his hometown Hamburg in 2015, he had a clear vision. The newly created outlet would be dedicated to the beautiful brutality and musical power of old school death metal. Another declared aim of the label was to deliver a full range of physical products for its releases including vinyl and CD but at times also tape cassettes.

Testimony’s first full-length was “Grimm I & II” by German band KADAVRIK that hit stores in 2015. The next year proved to be a busy one for the label with albums from DEMONBREED, THE DEAD GOATS, ESCARNIUM, and SENTIENT HORROR. A steady stream of death metal releases followed and important signings, which included buzzing underground acts such as CARNAL TOMB, TEMPLE OF DREAD, and SODOMISERY to name but a few. Many of those albums sold out in short time, which is telling about the label’s ability to connect with the fanbase.

While the reputation of Testimony as a reliable purveyor of excellent underground death metal steadily grew, the decision was taken to send the label’s bands on the road with the self-organised “Tombs of Horror Tour” with Sentient Horror and Carnal Tomb in October 2018.

A notable milestone for Testimony was the entry of SENTIENT HORROR’s “Rites of Gore” in the official German album charts on #89, which is no mean feat for an underground label and a brutal death metal band.

When founder Dennis Wendig found himself under rising pressure from the ever growing workload, he decided to search for a suitable new home for his label that would continue his legacy and stay true to its course. His choice to come to an agreement with SPKR in 2023 can be seen as a sign of trust in the commitment and passion with which this label family operates. With Thomas Strater an internationally renowned expert with an excellent reputation regarding all matters of death metal and grindcore was enlisted to run the creative operation of Testimony within the SPKR service network.

Testimony Records are now opening a new chapter in their label history and you will hear about the first new releases under the SPKR umbrella very soon.