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Slug Gore – They Slime! They Ooze! They Kill!

Italian death-grind unit Slug Gore is dropping their debt full upon the world.

Starting in 2022 & creating a melting pot of euro grind, american hardcore & all the great aspects of death metal & slam. Slug Gore has created their signature beast of a sound.

The group’s first effort in 2023’s “Extraterrestrial Gastropod Mollusc” really showed promise. Laying a great foundation of the sound they were going to evolve & have been able to capture on this full-length “They Slime! They Ooze! They Kill!”

Twelve tracks with a lean under eighteen minute run time this album goes for the throat fast. The opening track “Post Nuclear Big Smile” serves as an intro track but unlike some intro fillers, this one grabs your attention quickly.

Bass pluses & electric elements creep in intensity before the band unleashes at the end giving you a taste of what’s to come.

Things heat up when the follow-up “Demented Crickets” kicks in.
A thrashy death metal track that has a Brutal Truth feel. The band keeps things interesting with the songwriting and brings a lot of groove to the riffing style. Keeping it fresh & not constantly blasting which can get boring quickly. Vocalist Andrea Salvatore Parisi has a unique style. He has a harsh vocal but his pronunciation is fantastic. Nothing gets lost in his cadence.

A track like “Necrophiliattitude” is like a freight train. A beautiful blend of Mortician & Autopsy this one is like a sledgehammer to the face. Full of groove, catchy riffs & a real stomper of a track, it may slow down the pace slightly but what it takes away in speed gains in a pair of big old balls!

My stand out on the album is the brutal “The Deadly Spawn”. Taking inspiration from the ultra-gory & great classic 80s horror film, the track also features fellow
Italian gore hounds Fulci’s Fiore on guest vocals. This track is the perfect blend of all the genres in one track. An upbeat fast track with moments to breathe with some low guttural vocal sections which beefs out the track.

Drummer Daniele Faccani’s performance on this track is so solid. Having to pretty much do a million different bpm in one track he pulls it off while still being hella tight & giving a fantastic drum performance.

“They Slime! They Ooze! They Kill!” is superb debt. Where some groups can’t handle juggling multiple sounds within their wheelhouse Slug Gore tackles it head on & pulls it off flawlessly. It doesn’t stay it’s welcome & it’s also that good you want to put it on repeat!

Review: Guy Williams


“They Slime! They Ooze! They Kill!” is out via Time To Kill Records on April 19th 2024



01. Post Nuclear Big Smile
02. Demented Crickets
03. Overthrow The Surface
04. The Dust Says You’re Fucked
05. Necrophiliattitude
06. Salt
07. Wake Up Dead
08. Stuck in the Mud
09. The Deadly Spawn
10. 50K
11. Primal Rules
12. Cut At Once


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Sbocco (Andrea Salvatore Parisi) – Vocals
Danny (Daniele Faccani) – Drums
Fuoco (Alessandro Fuoco) – Guitar
Amianto (Pietro Gessaroli) – Bass


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