Simulakra release crushingly heavy Reincarnation EP, out today on DAZE

Simulakra release crushingly heavy Reincarnation EP,

out today on DAZE

Photo Credit: Kat Nijmeddin

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“The latest from Simulakra is raw, primal, metallic hardcore at its finest.”BrooklynVegan

“Simulakra display their best elements; crushing riffs, raging vocals and fierce breakdowns.”Boolin Tunes

Single “Heathens Prayer” in rotation on SiriusXM Liquid Metal

Originally formed in 2018, Simulakra have set the blueprint for what modern metallic hardcore should sound like. After a demo and a number of singles, the band released their LP, The Infection Spreads in 2022, which was lauded by heavy music press, and led to tours alongside No Warning, Mindforce, and Vomit Forth. Today, the band share their new EP, Reincarnation, out via DAZE, marking the band’s heaviest material yet. A death metal influence shines through, noting Cryptopsy, Dying Fetus, and Merauder as reference points, and leading to some killer riffs. Vocalist and lyricist Dominic Pabon gives a dynamic and pisssed off performance, and Last Wishes vocalist Corin Gillespie lends his pipes to closer “S.I.T.A.” The song titles, lyrics, and artwork revolve around the crossroads of spirituality and recognizing ones self.

Pabon expands:

“On ‘The Infection Spreads’, I was dealing with a lot of severe health issues. I wrote about my experience being sick for so long and I used it as a diary essentially to get out how I felt about myself and how I viewed the world. This time around, I had time to fully flesh out tracks, being able to write different themes for each song, and lyrics in a style to have them more open to interpretation. After I was done writing everything, I noticed an overarching tone of spirituality so I definitely wanted to add that in the artwork as well. The title ‘Reincarnation’ encapsulates this entire EP perfectly, as though I feel like this EP is a reincarnation of the band. It’s us but at our purest, best form.”

Reincarnation can be be streamed HERE and vinyl is now available for preorder through DAZE.

Simulakra is Dominic Pabon (vocals) Xavier Wilson (guitar), Tyler Breza (drums), Jack Beatson (guitar), and Tyler Norris (bass).

Reincarnation Tracklist:

1. Dead on The Cross

2. Heathen’s Prayer

3. Sanctify

4. Burning Soul

5. S.I.T.A. (Feat. Corin Gillespie of Last Wishes)

Upcoming Shows:

3/21 – Lousville, KY @ Portal – DAZE LDBBB Preshow w/ World Of Pleasure + Sanction + more