Rockers – THE EFFECT – Announce Debut Showcase in Los Angeles


Band Comprised of Trev Lukather, Nic Collins, Steve Maggiora and

Emmett Stang to Release First Single “Unwanted” on October 13th

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(Los Angeles, CA) – At a time when rock music keeps saying farewell to its heroes, there is a new band that shows that every once in a while, paths cross at just the right time in just the right place. The Effect will be considered by some to be a band comprised of members with incredible musical heritages, but to its members – it is a band of brothers that know they have something to prove and accept the challenge head on. The Effect is Trev Lukather (son of Toto’s Steve Lukather) on guitars, Nic Collins (son of Phil Collins) on drums, Steve Maggiora (Toto) on keyboards and newcomer Emmett Stang on vocals. The band will show that they are more than a collection of notable names when they make their live show debut in Los Angeles on October 15th at The Knitting Factory in North Hollywood. Tickets are now available and can be purchased here:

The Effect has actively been writing and recording music for what will eventually become their debut album. In the meantime, the band will be releasing their first single “Unwanted” on October 13th via all digital streaming platforms. The song is an upbeat rock that showcases the individual talents of all the members. Steve’s keyboards give way to a driving guitar riff by Trev and Nic’s pulsing drum beat. The song is propelled by Emmett’s stand-out vocals as he declares, ”Walls down, in the heat of the moment, I found out my love’s unwanted.” The track was produced by Trev Lukather who has worked Halestorm’s gold-certified self-titled album and Dorothy’s #1 rock album Gifts From The Holy Ghost. A music video will also be available on Friday, October 13th. Fans that are interested can pre-save the track here:

The Effect L to R: Trev Lukather (guitars), Nic Collins (drums), Emmett Stang (vocals), Steve Maggiora (keyboards)

Photo Credit: Madison Leigh Lukather

Logo Design: Jake Hays

About The Effect:

The members of The Effect—Trev Lukather [guitar, producer], Nic Collins [drums], Steve Maggiora [keys], and Emmett Stang [lead vocals]—found each other at the perfect moment. Beyond serendipity, similar experiences cemented an instant bond between these musicians. Each member had logged miles on the road and countless hours in the studio on his own. Trev shined as a solo artist and producer and writer for the likes of Halestorm and Dorothy, Nic held down the drums on tour alongside Phil Collins, Genesis, and Mike + The Mechanics, Steve crisscrossed the globe in TOTO, and Emmett exploded with consistent viral success. Taking the connection one step further, Trev and Nic each grew up as the sons of rock icons—Steve Lukather of Toto and Phil Collins, respectively. They forged a friendship in 2023 and decided to write and record together, welcoming Steve and Emmett to the fold shortly after. The musicians congregated at Trev’s home studio in Los Angeles for “band camp” and immediately gelled, rallying around a signature sound infusing stadium rock energy and spirit with pop palatability. Now, they come together as The Effect, introducing their vision with the single “Unwanted” and more to come.

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