Parkway Drive // Darker Still // Album Review


At last, the day has arrived. This is one album that I could not wait to hear.

There has been a lot of talk about this album by Parkway Drive, it’s fair to say that the tracks that have already been released have been divisive and there have been a lot of people being critical of the direction the band took with the previous album and some feel like Darker Still will continue that path.

I have been a fan of the band from the start and I love their original sound and those early albums, however, I will also say that Reverence is one of my most listened to albums. That album has seen and helped me through so much shit, and yes it may not have the same sound, but it has a whole heap more feel.

So, what kind of thing does this new album from the Byron Bay, New South Wales band have to offer on this new release?

The album opens with a clean vocal that hears like Winston is struggling to hold things together before the guitars erupt and a catchy riff starts. Initially, this has the feel of a Reverence but there is a massive difference. This album has a shit ton of emotion in it and listens to the lyrics, they are very personal and relatable.

This continues and when you’ve sung along with the tracks that you have already heard, including ‘Darker Still’, you will truly understand where this album comes from. The album title isn’t just a name, it is the place that some people have been to and feel they are going. If you haven’t, be grateful, those of us that have will feel attached to this album.

There are some massive tracks that will appeal to those elitists that wish the band didn’t evolve and remained in the past, but these tracks also provide an energetic release for new fans and those that appreciate the growth of a band.

Darker Still is start to finish unreal. Leave all your preconceived ideas at the door, open your mind and ignore the negativity from the noisy minority, this album will help people through tough times and show them a way through life’s shit.

This is not an album about depression and darkness, it is an album about dealing with that emotion and celebrating getting through it and I cannot wait for my vinyl to arrive and hear some of the tracks live at Alexandra Palace at the end of the month.

Ed Ford

Darker Still will be released Friday 9th September 2022 via Epitaph Records.





  1. Ground Zero – 4:09
  2. Like Napalm – 3:45
  3. Glitch – 4:19
  4. The Greatest Fear – 5:29
  5. Darker Still – 6:51
  6. Imperial Heretic – 4:51
  7. If a God Can Bleed – 2:40
  8. Soul Bleach – 3:32
  9. Stranger – 0:51
  10. Land of the Lost – 5:00
  11. From the Heart of the Darkness – 5:09




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