Overkill // Scorched // Album Review


For over forty years Overkill has been at the forefront of the thrash scene and on the 14th of April they will release “Scorched”, album number twenty, yes twenty, in their catalogue.

 As hard and as heavy as the day they started with no sign of letting up, a testament to their unwillingness to change the style or bend trends, as you would expect from these wiley veterans there is a plethora of thrash tracks that will soothe most souls as well as a few groovers are not the norm for these guys, yet equally as devastating, ten tracks in total and all killer no filler.

The title and opening track “Scorched” leads the charge in typical fashion, a great riff opens it up before the drums come in over the top putting down a serious beat for the track to build off, Blitz roars in as only he can with his inimitable voice sounding as powerful as ever, the guitars chug away relentless as a massive slapping bass line provides a killer groove, what a way to kick things off. A whopper of a drum and bass beat propels “Goin’ Home” with a seriously heavy groove, a galloping riff and Blitz’s monster vocals add an air of franticness, two tracks deep and already you can feel this is going to be a savage album. The fast and aggressive nature of “The Surgeon” is exactly what you would expect from Overkill and Blitz spitting out vocals with venom while keeping pace with the tempo is pure class, a contender for track of the album for sure. Coming hot on it’s heels is “Twist Of The Wick”, as brutal as it is fast with a thunderous drum beat and cutting riffs, a thumping bass once again comes to the fore while Blitz is on fire sounding like Rob Halford at times, Linsk’s solo at the backend of the track shreds big time.

The undeniable groove and serious rhythm that radiates from the first half of  “Wicked Place” will get you moving big time but when it hits the midpoint the metal takes over and slaps the snot out of you with sharp riffs and a killer solo as Blitz sinisterly snarls his way along as only he can. “Won’t Be Coming Back” is a bass-heavy groover that has more of a metal than thrash feel to it, Blitz’s vocals are impeccable as always but seem a little restrained on this track but a kicking drum beat, some excellent guitar interplay and a great solo more than makeup for it. For my money “Fever” is probably the best track on the album, an opening of gently strummed guitars and bass leads to Blitz softly crooning the track into life before it drops to a groovy killer, the track seesaws back and forth like this between verse and chorus until the midpoint where there is a nice change of pace as they kick it up a notch, the rhythm is off the charts; the bass and drum combos just kill and the cool bluesy style solo that Linsk throws in is savage, one of the finest tracks they have ever done. The thrash is back with a bang on “Harder They Fall”; a million miles an hour as Blitz and the gang crank it up big time, a machine gun drum beat, rumbling bass and savage riffs are the order of the day as Blitz screams and snarls his way through the track like nobody’s business, another brilliant track.

A monster drum beat lays the foundations for “Know Her Name”, with the help of a blistering bass line and chugging riffs to give it a real heavy feel, Blitz once again kills it as does Linsk with another ripper solo over Verni’s cool bass. “Bag O’ Bones” closes out the album with an energy that has been rife the whole way through the album, a riff juggernaut with a funky rhythm and another great solo from Linsk, a great way to finish off the album.

Twenty albums in and they are still kicking ass, “Scorched” is out on the 14th of April Via Nuclear Blast, do not miss it!


Review: Conor




1. Scorched 6:13
2. Goin Home 4:31
3. The Surgeon 5:33
4. Twist Of The Wick 5:34
5. Wicked Place 5:00
6. Wont Be Coming Back 4:30 7. Fever 5:33
8. Harder They Fall 4:23
9. Know Her Name 5:11
10. Bag O Bones 4:37

Overkill are:

Bobby Blitz Vocals

D.D. Verni Bass

Dave Linsk Lead Guitar

Derek Tailer Rhythm Guitar

Jason Bittner Drums